Chap. 6

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Tyler's POV

Shit just got real.

Shane moved to sit next to Nicole, his expression calm. But I knew what was going on under that mask. He was flipping shit.

He hated the rumor that we'd start about Nicole. No, hate was strong enough to describe his feelings towards it. He despised, he loathed it. If someone gave him the chance to take it back, he'd do it in a heartbeat.

And I hadn't done anything to stop it. I'd told Shane I had, just to set his mind at ease. But I enjoyed making Nicole Turner's life hell. She deserved every minute of it.

I looked around the room. Shane was with Nicole, Caleb with one of the most popular girls in the 10th grade, Meghan Hawthorne, Nathan with another pothead, whose name I couldn't remember, but where was DeAndre? I scanned the room again, clicking my tongue under my breath. Then my eyes rested on him, or more importantly his partner. My sister.

DeAndre wasn't even looking at her, or me, or anyone else for that matter. He was staring off into space. He knew that I was going to give him hell. If he steps one foot out of line, I will personally kick his ass. Nobody messes with Trinity, a rule I made clear long ago.

Trinity hates Shane, but that's different. Shane's never laid a finger on her, never done anything out of line. He was simply, Shane. His normal, cocky, arrogant, egotistic, asshole self. And Trinity hated that.

"Alright," Mrs. Emerson announced, making her way back to the front of the room. "These are your partners for the next several weeks. There will be no changes, no exceptions. I want you guys to work outside of your comfort zone, to learn to work with new people." She looked at the clock. Less than five minutes left in class. "Take the remainder of class to get to know your new partner."

I looked at Mackenzie Lewis. Truth be told, who didn't know Mackenzie? She was pretty, but not pretty enough to be pursued. However, if she gave me her number? I'd definitely hit her up.

"Hey there," I said, turning on the charm. If there's one thing I knew, it's how to play a girl.

"Hi," she said, matching my smile. She was falling already? Bummer. I expected this to be a challenge.

"So, Makayla right?"

She rolled her eyes. "Really? The, I'll pretend I don't know her name trick? Bummer. I thought you'd be more of a challenge."

My jaw dropped. Isn't that what I'd just said to myself less than three seconds ago?

She smirked. "Close your mouth pretty boy, definitely not attractive."

No one ever called me the pretty boy. That was Shane's role. And I made fun of him for it every day.

"Oh please," I said, making a quick recovery. I gave her a full-blown smile. "You're easier Meghan Hawthorne."

She raised an eyebrow and leaned in real close, close enough for me to smell her minty breath. "Please Mr. Player, I don't play games, especially yours." She ran her fingers down my chest, sending chill bumps up my arms. Then, as quickly as she'd come, she was sitting back in her seat again, inspecting her nails. She moved so quickly, so fluently, that I questioned if that had really just happened. But I had the chill bumps to prove it.

The bell rang and she picked up her stuff and left. For the second time in my life, a girl had left me speechless. That is, if you count Nicole Turner as a chick.



Nothing but net as Shane, once again, made a three-pointer.

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