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Nobody's POV:

Not everyone is born equally that's what a young Izuku Midoriya thought after learning he was quirkless and the age of 4 his friends started to avoid him,bully him and calling him Deku the one who cant do anything even his so called best friend Katsuki Bakugou the one who he admired thanks to his quirk explosion

The one who was the first to label him as a freak but the only support he had was his mom who gave it her all to help Izuku in time of need but this time Izuku wont he able to see his mom after this

Izuku's POV:

I'm just walking lost in thought after the whole me trying to go to UA everyone in my class laughed at me and what's worse was Kaachan telling me not to go to UA, destroying my journal about heroes but lucky it was ok bit just burned but the words he said to me made me so angry

Bakugou:if you wanted a quirk so bad here's an idea pray that you get one while jumping off the roof of the school building you quirkless reject

I was clenching my fist at that bit what was worse was meeting my all time hero after saving me from a slime villian I asked him of it was possible for someone whose quirkless can still be a hero but.....

He said just like that he didn't sugarcoat it he could have said there was a chance but I just sighed not realizing I was at a place where there was some kinda villian causing problems and being a hero otaku I went in to get a closer look

But when I did my world just stopped cause when I saw the same slime villian their he was also holding someone in his slimy clutches and the person who was trapped their...........WAS MY MOM!!

I didn't know what happened cause the next thing I know I was running towards the villian hearing the pros to tell me to stop but I couldn't....I wouldn't I just cant stop because my mom needs me


when the slime villian saw me he used one of tendrils to smack me away but I dodged in time and used my bag to launch it at the villians eye rendering him unable to see this gave me enough time to try and pry my Mom away

Inko:Izuku what are you doing get out of here it's too dangerous!!

I just looked at her with tears in my eyes

Izuku:I couldn't just sit there and watch you die Mom I cant let that happen!!

I tried and I tried to get her out but then I was pushed back by one of the villians tendrils


He started laughing cause the next thing I saw was my Mom getting wrapped around her neck and I couldn't move when I heard a snap and the next I see my Moms eyes showing no light


The villain was just laughing while the heroes were doing nothing and something inside of me suddenly broke the pain and suffering from my classmates building up plus the anger towards them and this unexplainable rage the only thing I can do is shout out and what happened was me turning into a shape of a beast


My body suddenly changed and the next thing I know my mom was by my side while the slime villian was nothing just pure slime maining I killed him and.....I didn't feel sorry at all

The heroes however surrounded me

Deatharms:hold it kid you need to calm down alright

When they looked at me they saw a beast I was covered in green fur, I as about 10 feet tall my eyes were green with slitted pupils the beast that I am is a werewolf something that was considered a myth

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