Chapter 2

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We gonna start this off with characters.

Bryce, Tayler, and Keliannane are siblings

Addison's brother is Enzo

All hype and sway are friends

Daisy, Abby will be in the story +Blake

Now onto the chapter

The next morning Addison was feeding Ava and bottle when there was a knock on her apartment door. She went to open it to see her mother and little brother.
"Oh my god I totally forgot but Enzo come in." She said.
"Thanks for taking him today." Her mother said before leaving.
"So who's going to be the father?" Enzo asked sitting on a chair.
"Bryce I guess." Addison replied.

After all her and Bryce were dating. He did say last night that he wants to help her. Then the door bell rings and she gets it. It's her boyfriend.
"Hey baby come in." She said kissing him. Bryce followed her in.
"Hey Enzo." Bryce said sitting on the couch while Addison handed him Ava.
"God she's perfect." Bryce says. Bryce watched as the little girl open her big brown eyes and looked at him. She started giggling.
"Hey there cutie." He cooed at her.
"Is that your daddy?" Addison cooed to the baby.
"You want me to be the daddy?" He asks.
"Yes of course." Addison said pressing a kiss to his lips gently.

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