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Addison's POV:

Bryce. There stood Bryce waiting for me by my car. "Ew" I thought to myself, just one look at him makes me want to wash my eyes out with bleach.

"Hey Addison" he said. "What do you want Bryce" I said, clearly annoyed. "I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me some time." I rolled my eyes. "For the millionth time, no" I said. "Come on Addi give me a chance." "For the love of god Bryce, can't you take a hint? I'm not into you, I will never be into you. Now can you please leave me alone?" I angrily shouted at him.

"You're gonna regret this Addison" he says. I roll my eyes again. "Yeah? And why is that?" I say. "You'll see." He responds. "Look Bryce, I'm not scared of you. Plus trying to ruin my life isn't gonna make me like you anymore than I already do. So I highly suggest that you leave me alone, and move on. It's best you don't test me" I say firmly.

He frowns, and walks off annoyed. I laugh to myself, and get in my car. So many guys at this school have tried to shoot their shot at me, and I always turn them down. I don't even like guys, so I think it's funny when they think they have a chance with me.

I start driving home feeling pretty confident about myself. I know for a fact Bryce won't do anything, he thinks he's capable of a lot more than he actually is. I have nothing to worry about.

Dixie's POV:

I greet Charli as she hops in the passenger seat. I get in too and start the car, pulling out of the parking lot. "How was your day?" I ask her. "It was good" she reply's, I nod my head. "Oh, Avani is throwing a party Friday night, she told me to tell you that you and Kate can come."

"Sounds good, we'll be there." I say. "Great" Charli reply's. "Also dix I'm really sorry about this morning with Addison." She says. "It's fine, not everyone has to like me" I say. "Thanks for being such a good sport about it, Addison has been acting pretty weird lately." She says looking down. "Don't worry about it Char, I'm sure whatever it is she'll tell you sooner rather than later, I mean you are her best friend after all." She smiles.

"Thanks dix, you always know what to say in these situations." She says. "No problem" I reply as we pull up to our house. "Hey Char, tell mom and dad I'll be home later, I'm gonna go over to Kate's" I say. "Okay dix." She says as she gets out of the car and walks into our house.

I start to drive to Kate's apartment. Kate's parents are rich as fuck, so they bought her her own place, well kind of, she still has to sleep at her parents house on week nights, but other than that she gets to stay there pretty much all the time. She even gave me a key and my own room there, we're practically roommates at this point.

I pull up to her apartment and get out of my car. I walk up to the door and put in my key. "Hey Dixie" Kate says as I walk in. "Hey" I say back to her. She was just sitting on the couch doing homework. I walk over to the fridge and get some water.

I walk over to her. "What's up?" I ask as I take a seat next to him. "Nothing much, just working on English homework." I nod. "Can you check it? You know I suck at English." "Sure" I say, and I pick up the paper.

I promise me and Kate aren't always this boring. When we're not hanging out here, we're usually at the skate park. Well I am at least, Kate doesn't like skating that much. (Yes I'm also making Dixie a skater)

"Looks good so far" I say to her as I analyze the paper, before setting it back down on the table. "Thanks" she says, and she goes back to working on it.

"Hey Kate, Charli told me that Avani was throwing a party at her place Friday night, I said we'd be there." I tell her. "Yeah for sure sounds fun" she says. I smile at her.

"Hey dix, remember this morning when Addison called you an asshole?" She asks. "Yeah I remember, what about it?" I reply. "Why don't you hate her?" She asks in a confused tone. "To be completely honest with you, I don't know." I say the last part a little more quietly.

"It's just you can be a real bitch sometimes, I know because I've seen it first hand, so what's keeping you from flipping your shit on her?" She adds. "I just can't hate her for some reason." I say

"Do you like her?" She says, my eyes shoot up at her "What? No, absolutely not!" I say shocked, I'd never thought of Addison in that way, so I was pretty surprised when she said that.

"You're literally blushing, looks like someone has a crush on Addison Easterling!" She says in a teasing manner. "No I do not!" I yell at her. "Come on Dixie, even if you don't have a crush on her, you can't deny how hot she is." She says.

I have to admit, she was beautiful. "Yeah she's pretty I guess." I say trying to hide my smirk. "See!" She says. "Whatever, but even if I did have a crush on her, it's not like she would like me back. She literally hates me." I say. "I don't think so" she says. "What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"She could have a crush on you." She said. "What are you talking about? If she liked me wouldn't she be extremely nice to me, and try to get me to like her back?" I say. "Not necessarily, she could have one of those crushes on you where she's only mean to you, to avoid awkward confrontation." I give her a confused frown.

"Think about it dix, she's nice to everyone else but you, and she has no reason hate you, so she's probably just mean to you, cuz she's nervous when your around." I raise an eyebrow.

"Maybe you're on to something" she smiles. "But I still don't know." I say. "Is she gonna be at Avani's party on Friday?" She asks. "Probably, why?" I respond. "You should try and talk to her, maybe you'll get something out of her." She says. "Okay fine, I'll try." I say defeated. She gives me a smirk.

"So..." she begins. I roll my eyes and smile. "Do you have a crush on her?" I side eye her. "Maybe"

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