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if you're underaged you probably will want to keep your innocence cuz there will be...

curses in this book:)

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Sana POV:

I'm Minatozaki Sana, the heiress of the Minatozaki's. I always have guards near me cuz I've been kidnapped for a few times since I was little, I've gotten used to it, and I'm not scared though I was young. I knew they wouldn't do anything to me since all they want is money. Every time when someone kidnaps me, I just sit there, maybe take a nap, and wait 'til he saves me. 

Who's he? I don't quite know. every time I'm quite in danger, a boy saves me, but I haven't seen him anywhere since i was last in danger, it was 6 years ago with I was 12, and I'm now 18. I've been kidnapped for 5 times to be exact. my first at 8, then 10, 10, 11 and 12, and every single time, the same boy saves me.

Every time I ask about him, my dad would tell me I was imagining things. but I know I wasn't...I remember his brown hazelnut eyes clearly...those eyes who belong to a person that save me multiple times.

"Just stay away from me, not too close and not too far." I told my bodyguards as I went to the bar with my friends. they nodded and followed in. 

I was sitting by the bar table, and a man approached me. "hey pretty girl? you alone? Never mind, come with us, me and my brothers will have fun with you." he said dirtily and reached for my arms. 

"Get away from me." I struggled out of his grip and thought. Where the hell are my bodyguards??!! 

He was very angry, "just shut yourself and come with us bit*h! Don't act all innocent while you're at a fu*king bar!" He shouted and me and attempted to pull me away. 

Would you mind to shut the fu*k up?" A calm husky voice said. We looked at the owner of the voice. it was a tall and handsome heart skipped a beat. Those eyes...where have I seen them?

"So...sorry sir...We'll be going." The man apologized and tried to drag me away. 

"Help me please." I said to the boy. he was looking at me, peering. 

"Sorry, we'll be going." The man said and pulled me. "Shut up. Don't you know who he Is?" The man whispered. "Help me.Please." I said again.

He walked towards us and took my hand from the man. "do you still want her?" he asked the man. "'s all yours sir...I'm sorry." The man glared at me before running back to his table.

"Thank you. how much money do you want?" I asked him. 

"Money? I have more than enough.I don't need them." He chuckled. Gosh his voice is so addictive...

"I believe those are you bodyguards, I'll be going." he signaled me to look at my right. my guards were running to me. he nodded and went back to his table.

"Where have you been? I Sid stay away from me but do not leave me alone?!" I scolded.

"So...*hiccup...sorry miss..." The guards apologized. 

"You're drunk?!!! Gosh..." I face-palmed and saw the boy who saved me drinking... wait...that isn't alcohol is it?

I walked towards him and tapped his shoulder. "Yes?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Well, I was wondering whether you are drunk or not..." I asked.

"and why would you want to know that?" He asked back.

"Well, as you can see these guys are all drunk. I was planning to ask you to drive me home if you aren't drunk." I confessed. There was no point lying anyways.

He got up from his chair and took his jacket. "Hyung! I'm going now. I'll be back later." He said to the boy beside him. "Sure bro." the boy replied and I followed him out.

"Where's the address?" He asked while opening the door for me.

"Thank you." I thanked and slipped into he car. The car has a special scent...its familiar too...where have I smelt it? 

"Just drop me off at the gate of Minatozaki residence, the estate? do you know where?." I asked him.

he froze after hearing that."You're a Minatozaki? as in Minatozaki Sana?" he asked while starting the car.

I nodded. He whispered something that I probably wasn't supposed to hear, but I did. if I wasn't mistaken, he said "Shoot she's so different from then I last saw her...I don't even recognize her..."

what did he mean?do we know each other? I shrugged it off and fell asleep in the car.

"Hey." "Sana..." Someone called. I opened my eyes and sat up... The boy was in front of me, our faces a few inches apart...omg he's so handsome....sqeeeee

"Owh...hi?" I greeted awkwardly.

"Hi. you're home?" He said.

I looked out of the window and saw my house. "Owh sorry. thank you for the ride!" I smiled and got off the car. I wonder how did he get in..strangers aren't allowed into the estate except they have a card...

"wait." I called before he started the car again. I actually don't know why I did this...but something in my brain told me to do it so...

"What's your name? you know, it's quite unfair for you to know my name while I don't know yours." I said like it was a very normal thing to do.

"tzuyu, Chou Tzuyu." he answered. I smiled and waved and he smiled back, and drove off.

Gosh...he's so handsome...and did he have to leave so fast? Normal men would ask if he could come in and try to get me for my money...hmm...interesting...Chou Tzuyu huh...

I went into the house and my father and mother were standing in front of me, crossing their arms.

'umm....I'm back?"I lowered my head...

"Who was that?" My father asked.

"Little miss I did not allow you to first, leave the bar without your guards. Second get into a stranger's car. Third I thought you said you were with your friends?" My mother glared.

"Woah calm down calm down. Okay, first that was Tzuyu, he's not a stranger. he knows who I am and he saved me from whoever that was that would probably rape me. second how will I leave the bar without getting in to a car? Those stupid big bodied gorillas drank without my permission, and I wouldn't have came home without Tzuyu, you should fire those gorillas, consider it well dad. third I was with them but...Nayeon unnie got drunk and went to whoever that boy was, he's quite handsome though, not as handsome as tzuyu though. anyways, she got drunk and momo and mina had to take care of her. and I sat at the bench and a man grabbed me and Tzuyu saved me. those gorillas were drunk so I asked Tzuyu to drive me home. period. end of story." I reported.

"So it is really him..." my dad mumbled.

"Who's him?" I asked. 

My father looked at my mother and my mother nodded for I don't know that reason. 

"you can go to your room.Get ready for school early, we're getting you new bodyguards." My father said.

"ugh I knew you're still getting me bodyguards! I'm 18!!" I complained and slouched to my room.


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