Chapter 12: Gifts And Promises

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"Thank you for taking care of us!"

"Eh? You're going too, Y/N-chan?"

Aoi looked at you in confusion while folding the sheet she was holding. The wind blew through your H/C hair. You nodded, patting your sword.

"I'm not really going there to fight, I just wanna see how much the three have improved. PLUS! I was assigned to look after the Kamado siblings by a friend of mine."

Grabbing for another sheet, Aoi hummed in understanding. "You mean the peach haired boy right? The one you told me about before?" Nodding, you quickly pulled out a rather large bag. The small butterfly trio eyed it curiously, bombarding you with questions when you started taking out a few items.

"I bestow upon you-,"
You began, holding up three boxes in front of Sumi, Naho and Kiyo. Their eyes sparkled, smiles widening as far as they can. "My farewell gifts!" You exclaimed, finishing with a strange pose. (JOJO POSES ANYONE?)

"Farewell? It's not like you'll be gone forever!"

"Yeah! You might have to come back here sooner or later!"

"You're gonna come back a lot, you know?"

"Come back? Isn't that a bad thing if I come back here often?"

The trio stared with you with sad eyes. Realization dawned over you, thinking back to what you said. "Ah um! That's not what I meant! I mean, it's just, I don't know when I'll get to see you again, so take these gifts as a keepsake!"

"Oya? You got one for each of us?" Nodding, you gave Aoi a box tied with a baby blue ribbon. She blushed, before turning away to avoid eye contact. Kanao stood next to Aoi, glancing at the box. A silver locket shaped like a butterfly was displayed inside the box. An engraving shaped like wisteria was visible. Aoi's eyes widen, picking it up and smiling fondly at it. The trio had matching bracelets with their names engraved on the inside. They happily thanked the Pillar, while she patted them all.

Kanao stared at Y/N as if she was waiting for something. When the Pillar said her goodbyes, she hung her head low. She was secretly disappointed that she didn't get anything. The feeling felt so foreign to her that it hurt a bit. Unfortunately, she was taken out of her thoughts when two pair of arms wrapped around her from behind.

"Bahaha! You didn't seriously think I forgot about you, did you?" She felt something cold and metallic on her palm while you held it closed. "It's a special pin for good luck! Make sure to wear it whenever you battle a really strong demon!" Kanao's face heated up as she stared at her fist. Her eyes sparkled while you bid farewell before making your way out.

However, a tug on your haori stopped you in your tracks. You look back to see Aoi, who's expression was unreadable. "I.. have something to say.." She mumbled, red tinting her cheeks. You nodded, telling Tanjiro to get ahead. Turning around, you tilted your head a bit, humming out questionably. "I.. I know you're in a hurry but.."

"Please promise me you'll try to be safe. I don't like seeing yo-.. I mean, people like you, in pain." She let go of you, letting her back face you. "I.."

"What are you doing! Hurry and get to the train station!" The ravenette ushered you towards the path. You chuckled, waving at her before you disappeared, light F/C smoke surrounding where you once stood.

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