*After dinner they are now home setting up the Wii U to play games*

"Alright we have two choices for this evening. Super Mario 3D land or Mario kart 8. Make your choices now!"
Mario kart 8 won because it's the best game said Tim. We were going to do 1v1s and this was the bracket
Emile Vs Jon
Masea Vs Tim
Steven Vs Me
And Mal would join Steven and I bracket.
*2 hours later*
Tim was victories against all of us I came in second and Emile came in last because he kept crashing into the walls.
"All right in going to go grab the air mattress and we're gonna set up who's sleeping where. For sure though Masea and Lindsey are sharing Lindsey's room and Jon in Tim in my room. Since Mal and Steven are a couple they can share a mattress either in the living room or game-room." Emile told us before heading off to the closet where the air mattresses are. ( I just sneezed all over my phone wonderful -//-)

I got changed into a Cat onesie and headed into the kitchen for some water. I headed back into my room and laid on my bed drifting into a dreamful sleep.
Hey guys this I just a filler because it's late and I have nothing in my brain right now. Hope you guys had a happy Christmas and he fun with your families and friends if you were with them. My mom got our whole family a Wii U that's why I included it and all I did was play Mario XD.
Well Biiiiiiieeeee my kittens ^3^

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