Christmas treat for ya'll!

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        Hey guys I decided to give ya'll a Christmas treat. No it is not an update, but it is stars the relationships of Teddy and Victoire(I just realized I was spelling her name wrong this entire story) and Blackinnon(I really don't know why I decided to write about them). I hope you like it as I wrote it at 8:00 this morning. Enjoy and Happy Christmas!

Teddy and Victoire:        It was Christmas and a frantic freenzy of motion was occuring within the burrow. This is why Victoire Weasley was standing outside. The, young blonde, lady sighed in relief, she was free of the chaos. James and Fred had let loose a entire cage full of bowtruckles inside. They were still rounding up the last few, hiding, straglers. Fiddling with her, new, necklace, Teddy had givin her, Victorie sat on the bare step.

        Half an hour must have past before someone relized the, blonde, Weasley's absence. This individual was none other than Teddy Lupin. The youn metamorphmagus had been searching for his friendfor another ten minutes before he even thought to look out of doors. Victoire loved to sit in the cool, crisp, air. Teddy smiled as he saw his friend. She was indeed sitting outside, as beautiful as ever within and out. As he joined her Victoire leaned against him, her head on his shoulder.

Teddy and Victoire:

        Zacharie was an unpleasant sort of man; he would not tolerate and funny buisness. His cousin however was a very pleasant girl, not that he would admit it, that was considered a princess among the common. His cousin's name was Victoire; of course he she had siblings. There was Dominique, the royal rebel, and Louis, the player prankster. This is why Zacharie hated his cousins. Victoire most of all. On top of her princess looks and demenor she had what most call 'the Weasley flare', so Zacharie was very displeased when he recived an letter from is strange cousin. Oh the nerve Victoire had to invite him to her wedding with Ted Lupin; she was merely twenty-one! Thus why Zacharie was seated, with his giddy mother, under a canopy, in the cold, at the, dump, known as the Burrow. These outragous Weasleys sure did marry young. It did not help the fact that they breed like rabbits!

Sirius and Marlene:

        Bacon, the mere thought resulted in Marlene's mouth watering. She was constantly poking fun at Sirius Black for his eating habits and now her's have shown. There was the player boy, Sirius, laughing at her now. Oh he had vexed her once to many times. Marlene, deeply embarrassed, blushed a deep crisimon, out of anger of course. She quickly started to argue with the boy about the many pros of bacon. The two teens had a special bond formed by mockery and grudges. Only they have a relationship closley related to the one of James and Lily; anyone who interferes gets pranked by both sides of the party. Yes, Marlene is a vengful prankster, This must be why Sirius, much to his denial, loved her so much. Was Marlene aware of his feelings; I dare say no. Hence whyu she only discovered so while she was eavesdropping on a Marauder's meeting. She was estatic to say the least that he shared her feelings' if you count tackling him and announcing how idiotic he really was estatic. This must be why they are here now, arguing about bacon. They most definately love each other, prehaps they show their affection in odd ways. Now we just have to wait until they actually get together! This will take a while...

I really hope you guys liked it. G'night!

-Lizzie the Snow Leopard

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