Part 3

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I walked into English to see Valerie. I squealed and tackled her with a hug. "Its been so long Val!" I shouted. She laughed, "Its only been two weeks remember? We went to go see that movie." I grinned. I didn't care. I loved Valerie. We got along so easily, never got into a fight. The only time me an her have ever had an akward moment was when she told me about her past.

You see, her mom is a druggie. Her mom was careless and got pregnate with her when she was 20. Instead of getting sober, her mom dumped her with her gradmother and left. Her grandmother is abusive to her and she hates it. Last year, multiple times, she came to school with cuts all the way up her arms. She still has all the scars and it is heartbreaking to see. Regardless she has to be one of the most awsome people I know.

We sat down and joked. I noticed a girl that was in my homeroom last year, Shayla. It turns out she's good friends with both Valerie and Angel. 'How did I never notice her before?' I wondered to myself.  We got talking and it turns out she was really cool, too! This looked like it was going to be and awsome class!

Right before the tardy bell rang, Skylar walked in. He got the same reaction as in homeroom. Typical girls. He walked right over and sat next to me, earning me glares from every girl in the class except Valerie and Shayla. Luckily, the glares stopped when the teacher walked up to the front of the class. He was tall, beefy, and only red could describe his skin tone. He was wearing tan pants with a blue button downs shirt on with only the front and back tucked in, not the sides. He looked down at us with a creepy smile that I bet he ment to be welcoming. Everything about him screamed predofile. He intoduced him self as Mr. Upchurch and a told us a whole bunch of stuff that on one really cared about. Then he gave us words to look up in a dictionary so naturally we didn't do it.

Instead Valerie, Shayla, Skylar, and I all tried to look up the most weird and wrong words we could find. I won with "Sharky". I they didn't even have the definition of the word so instead we all tried to cone up with our own. We laughed our way through class, getting multiple glares from Mr. Upchurch. I didn't care we were having too much fun. I didn't even seem to notice that the Skylar I was sitting next to was THE Skylar. He seemed to be just like me and my friends. Then the bell rang. All four of us groaned. We were having so much fun and didn't want it to end.

I checked my secedual and saw I had French class next. So I went to my locker to grab the French book I had gotten and a new binder. While I was there I noticed Skylar pulling out the same textbook. 'I wonder if he has french too...' I thought to myself. Suddenly a finger poked my side and I let's put a very high pitched squeak. I turned to my right to see Skylar laughing his ass off. I glared. He had found out in 1st period that no matter if I saw it comming or not, I would squeak if someone poked me. He seemed to find it funny, Bastard.

Once he sobered up he asked, "Hey what class do you have next?" I replyed, "French" while holding up my textbook. He grinned and put his arm over my shoulder and said, "Well lucky for you I have that class next, too" with a wink. I blushed and we started toward Mrs. Petit's room.


Like? I don't know about you guys, but I would love to have a Skylar in my life! ;) Oh and dont forget it gets alot more interesting, right now I know its pretty boring, but I'm trying to introduce all the characters and set up te backround up before the trouble and drama sets in. Well i'm not gonna hold ya'll up any longer. Please comment!

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