A Confession From Inside

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The way they look kills me inside. They way laugh makes my heart skip a beat. They way they smile makes me drift farther. The way they speak makes me feel alone. They way act makes me feel to small. The way they stare makes me want to cry. They're opinions of me makes me want to scream. The thing in the mirror makes me plead. The oblivion makes me want to stop. The depression makes me want to give up. The tears makes my eyes dry out. They're happiness makes me cold inside. The window makes me want to freeze. The thing I see deceives me. The way there taught makes me want to give up on society. The way they look makes me hate. They way I look makes me stop. The way I hate makes me not know myself. The satisfaction I get makes me stop doubting. The way I look makes me cringe. The way they look makes me stop. My thoughts on this make me realize I need help. The way I keep all it inside makes me want to rather die. The thought that these thoughts are true make me wonder what I've become. The way your reading this makes me feel better. The way you read this is only the first layer of the pain I feel. The way you did nothing makes me cry. The way you couldn't do nothing makes me doubt. The way you see isn't real. The way society stereotypes makes it not real. The way you go along with it makes it worse. The way you still don't care makes this whole world fall, but the way a fraction hopes.... Gives me hope.
-My Own Thoughts through my life.

Srry for the shortness this isn't really a chapter. Just a vent I guess.

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