One Direction Dirty Imagine: Niall Horan

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This weekend you will be meeting your boyfriend Niall's family. You two have been together for only three months, but are absolutely inseparateble ever since but he's been on tour lately, you haven't been able to properly meet his family. Niall has week off and plans to bring you to Ireland to spend a weekend with his parents.

You guys are greeted by his lovely mother, father, grandmother and brother at the airport. You all go out to eat and they seem to love you. This is probably the happiest you've ever been in your life.

You all get to the house, which is the same house Niall lived in before all of his fame and success. Niall grabs your suitcase and walks upstairs. You follow him to a room, which is apparently his old room. "Just like I left it," he mumbles under his breath. You walk over and sit down on his bed. "Oh yeah, sorry for the mess," he laughs and says. You laugh and reply by saying, "I don't mind." His mother walks infront of the doorway and observes the mess. "Its such a mess in here," she says, and you all laugh. "Well I'm about to go off to bed pretty soon. It was lovely to finally you darling," she says smiling. She walks over to give you a hug and Niall a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room.

Niall walks over to close and lock the door. Once the door is locked he walks over to you with a cheeky smile on his face. "What are you doing Niall?" you ask. He runs his fingers through his hair and bites his bottom lip. "Let's do something (Y/n)," he says smiling. You give him a strange look and respond by saying, "You're absolutely out of your mind. Your family is here!"

He shrugs his shoulders and proceeds to walking towards you. He lays you back onto the bed and makes his way between your legs. With him ontop of you, he kisses your jawline. These kisses make they're way down to your neck and he begins to suck on your sweet spot. You resisted at first but as he kissed you more, you stopped worrying about everything.

You moan and sigh softly in pleasure and he then moves one of his hands between you two, into your pants. He rubs your vag through the fabric of your panties as he still sucks on your neck. You're overwhelmed by all of the sensations rushing through your body. Just when you think it couldn't get better he moves his lips down to your collarbone and begins to suck.

He stops kissing your body and places his hand inside your panties. He rubs his middle finger up and down your slit, then shoves it into you. You gasp and open your eyes only to find his blue eyes staring directly into yours. He begins to pump his fingers in and out faster and faster, then he adds another finger. You bite down on your bottom lip to keep you from moaning, as you feel an orgasm approaching. Still fingering you, he puts his thumb on your clit and begins to rub it insanely fast. "You like that baby?" he whispers. You nod with your teeth clinched shut. With a few more moments your toes curl up and your thighs get numb. You cum all over his fingers. After catching your breath a little bit you open your eyes and see Niall still staring at you. He's been watching your facial expressions the whole time.

Still looking in your eyes, he removes his hand from your panties and licks his fingers clean. You both smile and just as he's leaning down to kiss you, Niall's mom calls him. "Niall can you come help me with something?" He sighs then whispers to you, "Just wait until everyone falls asleep." He stands up off of the bed and goes to see what his mother wants. You walk over to the mirror in his bedroom and notice that there are hickeys all over your neck and shoulder. You laugh, lay back on the bed and think about how the rest of the night is going to go. You can't wait.

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