although i'll be out of sight, dear, know i'll be right here

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this song makes me so sad frickle doodle, also can we just abolish curse words bc i'm getting real tired of people teasing me for my 'substitutions' like i'm sorry i don't want to say something so angry and mean :(

i don't like any holidays that aren't exclusively in october-january. like i'm agnostic for a reason, freaking halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, and new years can GET IT, i may not be religious but no way in heck am i giving that up. with that in mind, hardcore religious people kinda upset me man. like i have nothing wrong with religion, y'all get it, you have so much faith that there's someone out there watching over you, great, glad you have more confidence than i do. Abut there are some people who go overboard. first, you can't solely rely on that stuff man. you can't win an argument bc you said "bc my god says so" you gotta debate the proper way man. second, not everyone has to be in your religion. how would you feel if someone else tries to force you to go against your religion? exactly :)

also i accidentally suggested sanders sides to my teacher and he's actually considering it?? whoopsie doodles. also, i wish i could get thomas' new could be gayer shirt it is so freaking adorable i want it :( also the freaking sides are adorable. like baby snake boy has given me a new appreciation for nope ropes, baby lily padton has given me a new appreciation for frogs,  baby rat remus has given me a new appreciation of rodents (which is a miracle, lemme tell you, i can barely stand the sight of rodents without wanting to die), and i mean yeah logan and roman are so freaking hot and beautiful and there are certain times when virgil can get it but honestly first three boys are precious and require my utmost protection

okay i just had a thought, someone should recreate glee but this time the stories at least make sense and since they delve a lot into sexuality, they should give more labels to show people that it's okay for some things. like they're constantly saying "do you think it's possible to love two people at once?" and like kurt and emma seem to be really against sex at the beginning and all that stuff. if they could introduce pan, ace, polyamory, all that stuff, it'd be so much better.

oh yeah, and that acting thing i do to get myself to sleep, so freaking helpful dude. but idk my name. again ik literally no one reads this but i'm still not totally comfortable with talking about it. just lil hints here and there, using the flag on an insta story, writing it into my stories, using it in my bio, thinking about fictional convos in which that happens, telling my friends about how i used to want a neutral option, whatever. also, can i just say that since 7th grade i've been selecting other or custom? it's always been in the back of my head but i kept denying myself. i used to wish it were like changing outfits, what else could be bigger red flags than those two alone?? it helps but i still feel really useless, i'm trying to take it step by step, the first is my teacher and here. surprisingly, those are my safest places rn.

i'm also kinda procrastinating this assignment i have bc i'm big scared of future oop-

for some reason, i'll get a burst of straight every now and then and since i haven't seen anyone that isn't my family since quarantine, that straightness has been projected on darren criss and thomas sanders. like logan is freaking sjdjdhk and blaine is freaking best boy.

speaking of sanders, he has given me a stroke of genius. i feel like i have so many videos i want to make now, which is super hard bc some of them are lgbt and pride month is halfway done :((

also why don't people talk about get it right as much as loser like me from glee?? like get it right was so emotional, the scene where she's writing it hurts me every time bc i'm reminded of middle school, when i tried my hand at songwriting and poetry and i would vent through my writing :))

also finn?? catradora's beautiful child that's freaking awesome?? i need more content plzzzz

ig that's it, buh bye!


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