Simple Intimacies

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The first date. 

The first impression. 

The first meal together. 

Something so casual can be so daunting. An outfit for a meal with friends or family wouldn't be looked at twice but a meal with a man that you hardly know takes a while to plan. What colours go with what, what colour makes my eyes pop, how dressed up should I be? Those thoughts all raced through Zayden's mind while he picked out his outfit. Zayden knows the impression that Tobias puts out. Prim, proper, organized and elegant. The orthopedic resident is none of those things. He breaks and sets bones for a living. Zayden keeps a clean living and workspace, can hold a good conversation, can keep cords organized, moves quickly through a mess of people, holds well under stress and likes to read. But with all the things that Zayden can do, he can't match Tobias' level of expectation. Zayden plays video games, eats junk food, makes a mess while cooking, leaves his clothes on the floor after long shifts, falls asleep in the shower and survives on coffee. After meeting, there's no hope for Zayden and Tobias. At least, Zayden thinks so. 

Tobias wasn't stressed. He's seen Zayden work, he's talked to people that know Zayden well to make sure that he wasn't wasting his time. Tobias is a fashion designer and he's not a nice, mess around designer. He likes things to be perfect. Perfectly sized, perfectly matched and not a hair out of place. When he met the mess that is Zayden, Tobias enjoyed that nothing was in place with him. His sweater wasn't on him properly like it had been pulled on in a rush, his pants weren't jeans but they were the colour of jeans and the light blue went well with his skin tone and the sweater was dark blue and grey. He disappeared into an ambulance and the only way the slightly shorter male reappeared was Tobias was picking up a friend from the hospital and the boy's smile made Tobias want to see him smile in all sorts of colours. Mainly an outfit with spots of light pink and a lack of fabric. 

Zayden got off the bus and started walking in the direction of the restaurant. The temperature had dropped a fair amount as the sun started to fall and Zayden had on a long jacket and he was vibing in the warmth. He decided on black dress pants, a dusted green dress shirt, black doc martens, the ring that he always wears on his left pointer finger when he's not on shift and his pager on his left hip. He went inside and was pointed in the direction of the taller blonde man and as Zayden approached Tobias, the staff announced that a pipe burst in the kitchen and all reservations will be refunded or rainchecked and all unpaid for meals won't be charged. 

Tobias stood with a sigh and when he turned and saw a slightly disappointed Zayden standing there. Tobias smiled a little bit. 
"How about we go to my house and I can cook?" Tobias offered and Zayden agreed. 

After a quiet car ride, they arrived and went in. 
"Your house is very nice," Zayden commented. 
"Thank you. For dinner, is meatballs and rice acceptable?" Tobias asked. 
"More than acceptable but you don't have to cook if you don't want to," Zay said standing awkwardly in the man's house. 
"Alright and nonsense. I wouldn't have offered to cook if I didn't want to. I didn't want to cook the first meal because I didn't know what you'd like but now we're here and I enjoy cooking. I find it difficult to cook for one anyway," Tobias said getting a pot for the rice. 
"Alright then. And I'd eat just about anything. I'm a horrible chef so anything that isn't microwaved or pasta is always good," Zayden said. 
"You don't need to be a master chef to be able to make a good meal and I'm sure that you just aren't giving yourself enough credit. What doesn't fall under the just about anything category?" Tobias asked. He quickly found out that he doesn't like it when Zayden talks poorly about himself. 
"If you ate anything I made I think you'd take that back pretty quick," Zayden laughed and Tobias smiled to himself, "and I don't like cilantro, tomatoes, liver and artificial grape flavouring. What foods don't you like?" 
"Oh geez, you're going to make me look really picky," Tobias laughed and listed off some of the things that he doesn't like. Zayden and Tobias both thought that they'd have awkward first date talk but they both found it easy to talk to each other. They talked about everything and nothing while dinner cooked. A question that Tobias asked caught Zayden off guard while they sat to eat. 

"Do you like horror movies?" Tobias asked. They had just been talking about cats. 
"I don't mind them but you wouldn't catch me watching one alone. What about you?" Zayden replied. 
"I love them. The reason I asked is I was going to ask if you wanted to watch one after dinner?" 
"Maybe not tonight. It's already dark and I'd like to sleep tonight," Zayden laughed and Tobias chuckled. 
"That's fair. Would another kind of movie interest you?" Tobias asked and took a bite of his dinner. He's had this many times before. 
"Sure! What were you thinking?" Zayden asked and took a bite as well. The explosion of flavours in his mouth from the seasoning in the meat to the flavour of the sauce caused him to let out a little moan like sound. Tobias looked at the other man with lustful eyes while Zayden looked at his plate. The two talked about movie choices and they finally came to a decision. After careful considerations, the final decision was Venom. Just as Zayden put his empty plate on the counter, his phone rang. 

"I have to take this. It's the hospital," Zayden said and leaned on the counter and answered. 
"What's up?" He asked. 
"There was an incident on the highway not long ago." A nurse said. 
"I'm not on call though," Zayden replied. 
"All hands. It's bad," She said.
"I'll get there asap," Zayden said and hung up. 
"I'm sorry but we'll have to reschedule the movie. Apparently, there was an accident on the highway that's all hands," Zayden said moving towards the door. 
"No worries and of course. Do you want a ride?" Tobias asked. Zayden looked at his phone. 
"I'm okay, one of the ambos is going passed here so I'm going to hop in with them," He said sharing his location with the ambo. 
"Okay, make sure to drink water and can you text me when you have a minute?" Tobias asked. 
"Of course," Zayden smiled. He pulled his boots on and grabbed his coat. 
"Thank you for dinner, I had a great time and I'm looking forward to next time. If you want a next time?" Zayden asked and Tobias smiled. 
"A next time is definitely the plan," he replied. 
"Good," Zayden smiled and the lights of the ambulance started to reflect off the houses near Tobias'. 
"I think that's your ride but I look forward to next time," Tobias called after Zayden as he went out to the ambo. 
"As do I, good sir," Zayden called back with a goofy smile and Tobias couldn't help but smile back. 

Tobias watched as the smaller ran off towards the ambo and grabbed onto the back of it like a fire truck and they waved goodbye to each other as the ambo took off down the street. 

There will definitely be a next time. 

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