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Pen Your Pride

Doubtful Minds

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Doubtful Minds

Crumpled on the floor

-her eyes forlorn-

She murmured her desires

but only to she.


-consumed by memory-

lay inhaling the frigid night;

but laced with regret so he be.

Whisper of a child; innocence renowned.

Calling she, calling he

as tears drown all sound.

Addictive as waking;

dawn nearly breaking;

eyes still wondering- pondering-

of a tragedy in the making.

In a blanket of false comfort

-such wasted effort-

she held onto herself

with eyes heavy in depletion.

Yet his pleading words

released her from misery's curse

and down the steps

she bound to greet him!

He held her so tight

-refusing the night-

and whispered of his love

softly in her ear.

Warmth behind her eyelids

-brought by a lover so fervent-

Open them to see the bed

with her rested body near.

"Stupid am I!

-him to apologize?

As if he sees me with fascinated eyes

such as mine!"

Agonizing affliction stole her breath

-clinched her heart sickening in her chest-

For it was merely her imagination

weaving a dream too divine...

Little did she know

-blade pressed to her throat-

he too had wished for her

even greater of a deal.

And there the night he stayed

-pulled up in her driveway-

lovesick head rested hopelessly

on the steering wheel.


Ta-Da! I'm actually pleased with this one:) quite rare these days.

Enjoy your week peedidees!<3

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