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Note: Participants you have two weeks i.e., till 30 June 2020, to finish the payment. Once you are done please leave an inline comment in front of your username and book title that you are done.

(Payment Rule:-
The participants will be given two weeks to finish the payment i.e., read three chapters of the judges book, leave 5+ inline comments per Chapter and follow their assigned judges at least for the duration of awards. Those who will fail to do their payment, their 15 points will be deducted from the final results. Please note that doing the payment is not required for participation in the Awards. Failure to do the payment will not result in disqualification.)


Action/ Adventure

Judge: TheScarletBlood
Book: Delusional

🔸NuminousAuthor - No Blessed

🔸evo_eevee - Bubblegum inc.

🔸emilyawesome383 - Changing Red

🔸ImReallyNotQualified - Isn't it Just a Game?

🔸MuhammadAqib4 - Bloody Billionaire (Clean the Mafia)

🔸Ririflower - Purple Blood

🔸yuhina15 - The Zaibos



Judge: EllSimplyWrites
Book: A Collection Of My Short Stories

🔸eva_zahan - Sweet Destruction

🔸eroticfictionauthor - Black

🔸ChrisGarciaHD - Two Hearts Two Kingdoms

🔸Gossiplanet - An Odor Of Deception

🔸Enockito - Kris' Sweet Challenge

🔸Karihyp - Paranormal Alliance

🔸AS__Prince - Love Chemistry of Different Souls

🔸DahliasDesk - Behind his Weary Eyes

🔸fluffypanda748 - Snowy Skies

🔸Alabihoney - Entangled


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