Chapter One

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Hello, My name is Rosa Myers! I am 15 years old and I live in Augusta, Maine. I am a sophomore at Augusta High. So, I will tell you more about me..
- I have straight long blonde hair
- blue eyes
- I'm a virgin. ( yes I know.. Horrible right? )
- I come from a wealthy family
- oh and I love to shop.

- Ding Dong -

Better Get that.
"Package for.. Rosa Myers?" The mailman hands me a white envelope.
"That be me! Thank you." I reply.
I shut the door behind me and I ride the elevator up to my room.
What is this?
It's from..
S affron
E lenor
X avier Academy
Dear, Ms. Rosa Myers ,
D E A R , Rosa Myers:
We have made a decision on your enrollment at our academy.
Our answer is yes. Your interview was acceptable and you are
Quite wealthy and talented.
Your grade average must be above a 90.0% to attend our classes.
Our college is located in New York and your flight leaves on
Friday August 17th. We have put your plane tickets inside the
Envelope. At the airport in NY, we will have a car with your name
On it. Please don't be concerned if you are blindfolded,
Our academy is located at a secret location and we try to prevent
Any intruders.
See you soon,
Your NewHead Master,
Max Blackwell from Saffron Eleanor Xavier Academy

I just got accepted into the best school in NYC.
I am going to get a great education and the campus is beautiful!
I better start packing.
There is a list of things to pack in the envelope.

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