Part 9

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It has been a week since that embarrassing incident. I was really pissed off at myself that day. Usually, I'm not a person who is clumsy. But he got me nervous, first because I wasn't expecting him but the food delivery man at my door, and secondly because of his very attractive and intimidating aura.

I have already tried to repress the existence of that day. My appearance –I was just wearing oversized clothes and my hair was a mess– and the embarrassing spill of coffee scared him away, I guess.

Poor guy. I literally burned him, and he wanted to get away as soon as possible, probably with the fear that I would cut out his eye with the trophy next. But it's kind of funny to remember how quickly he got up and left.

I was just about to eat my noodles when at that moment my doorbell rings. I had invited Nora to come over to my place so that we could spend a nice evening together and she had promised to stop by after work. I put my plate with the still steaming noodles on the coffee table in front of my sofa and make my way to the door to greet her.

"Hey bestie, I got us a bottle of wine and chips," she says excitedly as she walks past me and takes off her shoes at the coat rack.

"You know how to spend a relaxing evening," I grin happily, hoping that I can finally calm down after an exhausting week of work.

Nora literally throws herself onto my not too big sofa and makes herself comfortable straightaway grabbing my noodles to take a spoonful in her mouth.

"I'll get us glasses for the wine and a bowl for the chips and you are going to wash your hands, you nasty!" I lightly and playfully hit her on the back of the head and she whimpers in a childish way before getting up and stomping into the bathroom.

As she returns from the bathroom, drying off her hands on her pants, causing me to shake my head, I pour each of us a glass of red wine.

"Hang up a clean towel instead of shaking your head like this," she says while sitting down on the sofa next to me and hugging me from the side. I just love the fact that we get along so well with each other so that we can constantly get on each other's nerves without the other person taking it seriously and being offended. I think that's part of a friendship. I could even say that Nora is like a sister to me that I never had.

I serve her one of the wine glasses and we clink glasses to drink to the casual atmosphere of the evening before we take a sip from it at the same time.

"Sorry I kept you waiting all week with nothing but short answers, I was just more than stressed out at work, I really thought I was going to get a burnout any day soon," she huffs leaning back against the backrest.

"Don't mention it, I think we've outgrown the teenage friendship phase. We both have jobs and responsibilities. As long as we keep making up nights like this, it's okay," I pat her thigh in assurance with a gentle touch. Then all of a sudden she jumps out of her seat running over to my shelf, almost making me spill my wine over my carpet.

"Isn't that the trophy from the bar last week. How did you get that?!" she yells holding the trophy I was gifted making me gasp because I had forgotten to put it away before she arrives. I still haven't told her about that guy and everything in general. And I know I'm about to get scolded for not telling her.

"Oh, um, well," I stutter, not knowing how to tell her or where to even start. I don't want her to feel bad or responsible for leaving me alone before the cab came.

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