Joffrey Baratheon- My Queen (h)

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It was practically impossible for one person not to judge another – it seemed to be basic human nature, to pick out the flaws of another person or to pick holes in another's personality.

You were fully aware that Joffrey's family judged you and the relationship you both had.

Cersei had never approved of you for her son nor had she ever tried to hide that fact, his grandfather Tywin was clearly unsure of your motives but did not publicise his concerns, his uncle Jaime seemed pleasant enough when you interacted, his other uncle Tyrion was the only adult that enjoyed your company and actively engaged you and then of course his younger siblings loved you, you treated them like your own even with Cersei's disapproving looks burning through your skull.

You had known Joffrey since childhood, and you couldn't deny that he was a complete and utter spoilt brat and often had a horrible personality to boot.

But with you, he was different. There were no snide comments, no veiled insults, no horrid glares – he was simply your childhood sweetheart.

The two of you had been engaged just before Joffrey's coronation and then married soon after, making you his Queen – yet another thing that Cersei had largely disagreed with.

Cersei could not control you the way she had wanted to, and as Joffrey was married to you, she could no longer control him either.

It was no secret to you that Joffrey did not want to be king any longer, he did not enjoy the person it made him, nor did he enjoy the way it was affecting your relationship.

Joffrey was holding an audience with the people of King's Landing and as always you were sat to his right whilst his mother and his grandfather sat elsewhere.

Your husband looked unbothered with what one of his people was saying to him, he turned to you and motioned for you to lean closer so he could speak into your ear.

"Overthrow me right now, or I'll never forgive you," he whispered into your ear as his hand circled your jaw.

Confusion crossed your face but when he raised an eyebrow, you remembered the plan the two of you had made the day prior.

You were to claim your right to the throne, take up your place as reigning queen and with Tyrion as your hand and the Hound at your side it was doubtful that anyone would disagree.

When you nodded your assent, Joffrey squeezed your jaw affectionately and shot you a wink before resuming his bored stance.

Glancing to your side Tyrion was sat there and gave you a small nod of respect, you then turned your gaze to the Hound who regarded you coolly, but you could tell by his eyes that he was ready.

And so, you cleared your throat before slowly rising from your seat, catching a smirk on your husband's face out of the corner of your eye. "My people, I have an announcement."

Your voice rang true and clear throughout the hall causing everyone to turn their attention to you.

"From this day forth, I will be the reigning queen of King's Landing," you announced with a stony expression on your face. "My husband will no longer be king, and I shall now be addressed as Y/N of the House Baratheon, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms."

As soon as you finished speaking there was uproar in the hall. When you glanced over to Cersei she was glaring straight in your direction, Tywin seemed to be battling between being impressed and horrified whilst Tyrion had his ever-present smirk on his face.

The Hound smashed his sword against the ground in order to silence your people.

Once there was silence, Joffrey held out a hand to you. "My queen," he stated loudly so that everyone would hear as he smiled fondly at you. "From hence forth I will stand by your side."

You smiled at the small appearance of the Joffrey you loved before the stony king façade reappeared.

He stood to be by your side and then looked out expectantly to your people. "You will bow before your queen! You will pledge your allegiance!"

And as your people took the knee before you, Joffrey wrapped his arm around your waist and once again leant down to whisper in your ear.

"This is your reign now my love," he whispered as he grazed his teeth against your earlobe. "You will bring the whole of the Seven Kingdoms to their knees."

Written by Hannah.

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