Chapter Eight: Let's Get You Out!

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Olivia's POV

"Um. . . no, I didn't meet up with her. Uh, but no you-w-we're really friendly, we've got a really good relationship-" In my mixture of anger and confusion, I switched off the radio. I was sick of hearing his voice, thank you. Him trying to weed his way out of his mess.

And I saw what that slag of a Cyrus had posted on twitter. That bunch of tweets she kept deleting was one of her pathetic rants she does just to gain attention. Silly bitch.

Well, I was impressed at the lengths those two (well, Miley did barely anything - it was all Nick) went to conceal their cheating but I can see right through their lies. . . and they must pay. . .

* * *

Miley's POV

"Um. . . no, I didn't meet up with her. Uh, but no you-w-we're really friendly, we've got a really good relationship; I was really happy for her and Liam but. . ." I switched off the radio, I didn't need to hear Nick speak out him. Especially now.

The hospital refused to let me leave, not until they had spoken to a member of my family. For ages, I pleaded with each nurse on the ward to let me go but they just turned away and carried on with their business. "I'm just a waste of space in here!" I had screamed to one nurse who had completely ignored me. But it's true; keeping me in here is taking up valuable space this hospital needs.

I even tried to walk out yesterday but I was wrestled back to my bed by a couple of male nurses. They gave me an injection to put me under for a couple of hours because I was fighting against them. The whole ordeal was very unpleasant - I don't think I'll be trying that again.

So here I am, stuck in this god damn hospital all alone. I wanted Nick, I needed Nick. But I couldn't contact him now. not with the rumours flooding about. . . "Rumours. . ." I thought. "Hah! More like the truth!"

I couldn't contact Nick at that point anyways as he was busy in the interview and I couldn't spoil his downtime with his brothers, no matter how much I loved him.

I love Nick, and it feels good to be able to finally admit that. . . I just hope he likes me back. . .

* * *

An hour later, I almost tore my hair out. I couldn't stand being here, not able to be with my beloved dogs or see my Mom. . .

I grabbed my iPhone from the bedside table and, wondering why I hadn't done this before, dialed the only number apart from mine that I knew off by heart - My Mom's.


"Hello?! Miles? You okay baby?" she said as soon as she picked up the phone.

"Yes! Mom! I'm fine! Well, I'm alive, anyways. I don't know if you've heard but I was in a car crash and I'm in the hosp-"

"MILEY!" she yelled so loud, I had to hold the phone away from my ear to avoid being deafened. "WHY THE HELL HAVEN'T YOU CALLED ME BEFORE NOW?!"

"I didn't think to, Mom! They won't let me out, I'm sorry! Please help!" I pleaded.

"Don't worry Miles, I'm on my way!" and she put the phone down like that. I could tell she literally was on her way now, I know her far too well.

* * *

"Why the FUCK won't you let my baby outta here?!" I woke up to the familiar sound of my Mom arguing. I could hear the nurse on duty splutter in her search for the right words but my Mom just marched off towards my area - I could tell by the familiar clip-clop of her heels coming gradually closer at a quick pace.

Sure enough, the curtains were flung open - almost torn away! - to reveal my Mom, standing there like a Goddess in the flood of light omitted from the windows. Her hair was a platinum blonde, swinging by her waist in a messy plait. She wore a silver top, leather jacket and bleached jeans. I recognized the heels from my engagement party. . . with Liam. But, of course, she doesn't know about the split. . . yet.

"Miley, baby! I've paid off the insurance; you're free to go!" she said, rushing closer to me and attempting to inspect me all over.

I didn't appreciate this gesture (my cuts!) so I pulled my covers up to my chin to prevent her. "No Mom. I'm fine. I just wanna go home and rest there!" I demanded.

She stroked my cheek and smoothed my hair in a way only mothers can do. "Okay Miles, I have to go anyway. I have to go and watch Noah's first International Riding Competition - how exciting!"

"Really?! Wish her buckets of luck and give her this hug from me!" I said, pulling my Mom into a massive hug.

"Of course, Miley Ray! Noah will appreciate this! We'll give you a call or something later about the results, if it's good news!"


"Bye Miles! I love you!"

"Love you too Mom!" and with that, she was gone.

* * *

As soon as I got home, my dogs bounded up to me in a flood of excitement and joy. Happy and Bean were nipping at my heels while Floyd tried consistently to lick my face. I laughed, I was so pleased to see them! But I had things to do so I unwillingly pushed my babies away. Obediently, they bounded off to go and play.

I walked over to the general direction of the landmine phone but as I walked, my eyes wandered around the area. Not a thing has changed since I was last here, everything was in its place. I knew my Mom had popped in to give the dogs some food on her way in but that didn't matter; the only thing that mattered to me was that they were all safe.

My hand reached out and took the phone. I dialed the number I think I could remember, having called it so many times the other day.



"Hey Nick! I'm back home!"

"Really Miles? That's great! So. . . can I come over or something? I want to make sure you're okay!"

"Yes! Of course! I did say you could! But come as soon as you can, please!"

"Sure thing Miles! I'm on my way!"

* * *


Okay, before you yell at me. . . I know Floyd is now dead but I wanted to have him alive in this story. And I know I haven't mentioned all of Miley's dogs but in this story, she only has three, okayyyy??

And my new target is to have at least 1000 words in each chapter (unless it's a needed filler!) because this will ensure they are long enough etc.

Thank You!

~ Sianymouse ~

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