Chapter 2

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A/N: Hey guys, welcome to the second chapter. I hope that you like it so far.

"Emilyn, please prepare some coffee for the interview later." Taylor, Emilyn supervisor, instructed. "Even though you are not fully involved in this interview, I would like you to observe behind the camera."

"Yes, Ms Taylor." Emilyn got up from her seat and nod.

"Emilyn." Taylor frown. "I told you not to call me that. It makes me sound so old," she said. "Go now, do what I told you to do." Emilyn nodded and hurried off to prepare the stuff.

"Entering the office while balancing two coffee trays, looking up often, making sure there is no one in her path. "Emilyn!" She turns around, hearing someone calling her name. To her dismay, the coffee cups bump into something white.

"Ouch!" The person shouted in pain.

"I am so sorry." Quickly, she spots a tissue box at the table beside her and pulls out a few tissues to dab on the stain."Emilyn." She looked up and saw the same guy last night, but it was not him who called; it is her supervisor.

"Yes?"She bites on her lips, facing her supervisor.

"Go and get someone to clean the floor. And go get another order of drinks." Emilyn nods her head and lets out a breath that she has been holding. Emilyn picks up the spilt cups from the floor and throws them into the bin.

"Mr Evans, I'm so sorry for the clumsiness of my employee." Taylor apologizes. "Do you need a change of clothes? We have some in our office."

"Is okay. I have a clean set of clothes in my car. Just give me five minutes." He said. Taylor nodded and went into the studio.

Emilyn finished picking up all the spilt cups and stood up. "Uhmm...I'm sorry. Is my fault." She looks downward and sighs when she spots the stain on his shirt.

"Come with me." He gestures her to follow him.

"I can't," Emilyn shakes her head. "I have to get the drinks again." Emilyn steps aside from him to escape. But, his hands caught her wrists.

"Follow me." Christoper said in a deep voice. He pulls her to the elevator. Emilyn frowned and wondered what is he going to do to her. This is her second time spilling a drink on him. Christopher brought her to the parking basement.

"Why are we here?" She asked; the base of their shoes sounded on the floor. He didn't reply. They walk until he stops in front of a white BMW. Letting go of her wrist and click his car key to unlocked the door.

Christopher opened the car door and took out a shirt. Then, without warning, he unbuttons his shirt in front of Emilyn.

Emilyn's eyes grew wide. She quickly covers her eyes once her brain starts realizing what's happening. "Do you realize that this is a public area, and people will be able to see you?"

"I'm just changing my clothes. There's nothing wrong." He said calmly, undoing each button slowly.

"Are you done yet? I still have things to do." Emilyn asked while still keeping her eyes covered.

"I'm done. You can stop covering your eyes." He lightly chuckled, and she slowly takes her hands off her eyes.

When she took her hands from her eyes, he's all dress. "So why did you bring me here?" Emilyn frowned in confusion.

"Take this." He threw his shirt. "You know what to do with it." He smirks.

"Not this again." She groaned in her head. "Excuse me? Emilyn placed her hands on her hips. "Are you asking me to clean your clothes again?"

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