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By - PatienTsN22To1

"Just wanted to share some writing tips with you guys as I read that we can give advices. So...I just wanted to share some. Hope they're helpful!😃😃

1) we should use clear and straightforward words. As you know George Orwell he was an novelist and essayist. He said "Never use a long word when a short one will do" but we shouldn't forget that we should also use the word that best fits what we mean.

2) we should not mix past tense and present tense. Oh god! . This is one of the things I suffer from a looooooot. I always, always, ALWAYS switch tenses. We really shouldn't do that. As it makes very confusing to read. Even when I do that, and after re reading my chapter I feel like "what rubbish is this". That's why we should use proper tense. But it's not a big deal though. Just proper editing will fix it all.

3) we shouldn't use same word too often. Because if we do that within a short space of time, it can start to stand out for the readers and become a distraction for your writing

4) we should use our emotion,our experiences and build on them. If we can put real emotions in a story it'll make it more believable and relatable.

5) and then last but not the least. PRACTICE! We should practice, practice and practice. Our brain is a muscle. If we continue to practice writing, we'll continue to strengthen and grow that. So practice. (Though I don't like it at all) besides "practice makes perfect"

I hope these tips help you guys to improve. Honestly, it did help me a lot. I read these a few days ago and thought I should share with you guys.

~PatienTsN 😊💙


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