I Hate Myself !

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Ramses's P.O.V

The chariot rushed through the gates of the Palace and I looked up to see that some of the main servants of the house was ready to welcome me and was surprised to see my bloodied Nefertari in my arms. As soon as I stepped out of the chariot , I ran past the gathered crowd into my chambers shouting orders to call the healer. Nefertari and my baby needed medical attention and they needed it fast.

I laid Nefertari on the bed and looked at her. She was shaking and her body was colder than before. I felt my forehead and realized that I was sweating profoundly from the fear of losing Nefertari. The head healer of the Memphis Palace approached me and I signaled her to start her healing process on Nefertari. The sheets on my bed was turning red from the massive amount of blood pouring from her wounds. I ordered everyone to the leave the room other than the head healer Oti and her group . The second healer took my baby into the dispensary as his cries were loud and he needed medical attention as well.

I have always wished to have a child, it was even considered my Royal duty as a Pharaoh to provide a heir but right at this moment I realized that I would choose Nefertari over my own flesh and blood. It felt guilty as I am his father but his cries mean nothing to me when I look at Nefertari and her woeful condition.

The healer removed my cape from Nefertari's body and I was shocked to see her back when she flipped her over. There was no skin visible. Just  bloodied wounds and whip lashes. Tears started to flow down my cheeks once again, when the healers started to wipe her wounds to apply medicine. Nefertari was unconscious but she was wincing when the healers wiped her skin with a wet cloth and applied an oil on her opened wounds.

I took a step back as I was unable to see her in this state and it hit me hard when I realized that if I had listened to her the other night , none of this would have happened. Ivy took advantage of my weak heart and my immense love for Nefertari. They knew that if I lose my trust on Nefertari I could be easily manipulated. I needed some fresh air. I excused myself from the room as I couldn't bear to hear the grunts that Nefertari unconsciously made in pain while being treated and I knew that it would take hours before the healer could actually update me on her condition. I walked out of my chambers and saw Mentus standing out , looking like a mess. I walked up to him and enclosed him in a tight hug. I knew I had to thank him for getting me on time, for bringing the conspiracy into light but I just couldn't find the words. So I cried silently on his shoulders and he kept holding me like the true friend he was.

When I released him from the hug , I saw that there were tears in his eyes as well.

"Ramses, I'm so sorry for what has happened to your family. I was supposed to protect you and the Queen but I failed. Ivy orchestrated a plan to bring harm to your family from right under my nose. I'm so sorry."

"It's not your fault Mentus" was all that I could say as deep down I knew that this was my fault. I brought her the pain and the suffering. My pride and Stubbornness destroyed my family. It's my fault not anyone else's. I hate myself for making her go through hell. I just hope that Ra would give me a chance to rectify my mistakes and show her how much I love her.


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