Harry imagine- Fight.

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"Har..Harry... Why. WHY! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME?!" You screamed at Harry, shoving a recent Newspaper article at his face, with the front page of some random Blonde haired slut and your very own BOYFRIEND, well soon to be Ex-Boyfriend.

"Of course I love you! I got drunk! okay!? I got drunk with the boys, they left me to go to a strip club down the road without me noticing! I felt so lonely, next thing I remember, Blondey here was all on me! I couldn't get her off!" Harry yelled back, snatching and shoving the newspaper back in your face.

"OOHHHHHH yes! That sounds SOOOO believable!! I FORGIVE YOU HARRY, let me remind you, Louis and Zayn have Girlfriends, Liam wouldn't go anywhere near any naked girls he didn't know, as for Niall.... I don't know.." You giggled slightly at your little comment. "But you told me you were going to the pub with a few family friends! Not to be smooching on Leggy Blonde!"

"Y/N WAIT! Let me explain properl...."

You cut him off,

"No. Im fucking done. Go 'rock' your beloved, what do I care?! I'm not your girlfriend anymore!!" You scream, well you tryed from using the voice you now barely had.

You grab you coat, keys and phone. You realise the necklace sitting around your neck. Harry gave you this necklace on your first date, it was a love heart locket, with Harry incarved on one side, and Y/N carved on the other.

"Oh, here's a little present for your new Bitch. Have fun." Ripping the necklace off your neck and throwing it at Harry.

You storm out of you and Harry's apartment, get in your car, and drive as far as you can.


You arrive at a little park in the village of Cheshire and a few hours of driving around in different Directions.

You sit down at a bench, grab your phone out of your pocket and see '54 unread messages. 69 missed calls' 'Ha. 69. Harry still loves that joke. Oh the little sick minded conversations you would giggle at together when you were bored. No. Shut up. He dosen't deserve me. He cheated. God-forsaken bastard' you think to your self.

You hear a few reconisable voices, a few British, one Irish. Well duh, you live in England, probably just some locals.

"I see her!!" You hear someone 'stage' whisper.


Wa... Was that Louis? Can't be.

'BABY YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE' your phone ringtone blares, ignore it. 'THE WAY THAT YOU FLIP YOUR HAIR GETS ME OVERWHELMED' damn. it was Niall.

"What." you snap

"We can see you Y/N, come out. Harry has something for you" He says, as his head apears from behind the shrubs, smiling.

You end the call and shuffle over to where the boys were, it was getting a little dark, but just the right weather. not a cloud in the sky, as the sunsets. The park overlooked a few modern, beautiful houses, a church, and a few bakerys.

All the boys apart from Harry form a single line in hight order.

"Y/N, as its summer, we felt this song had a perfect meaning towards the situation you are in, Well actually, Harry thought."

Niall started to play the first few notes of 'Summer Love' started to play, you got a little teary as you saw Harry, dressed in a nice blazer, jeans and converse come out of the trees.

The boy's sang all the notes perfectly, harmonys, everything. It was perfect, especially Harrys solo. The last chorus, only Harry sung. No guitair, no other voices, just Harrys. His husky, deep voice, always seemed to pull you in again.

He stared straight into your eyes, you stared back.

The song finished and you and Harry were both holding back tears, but didn't seem to manage too well.

"Y/N, The Blonde girl was planning my engagement and hopefully wedding. for you. We were a little tipsy, but we never kissed, or anything!! Plus we were really good friends a while ago, so we were just having a laugh. I should of told you. I'm sorry, I just couldn't tell you about the engagement! So since you already know.." He got on one knee.


"Y/N, I love you so much, and I want to make you KNOW your mine, and only mine, no one else, I need you to trust me forever on end, because with out you, I'm nothing, Marry me?"

You look over to the boys, they are all crying, including you.

"YES HARRY! I'm so so SO sorry for not trusting you. I love you so much" you managed to croak out.

"I love you too, Mrs Styles"

You both giggled, knowing you are now Mrs Styles.

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