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harry cursed himself for waking up later than normal. he let out a soft breath, brushing a curl out of his eyes. it wasn't like he had much else to do today, he reminded himself, before standing softly on the plush carpet.

he went about his usual routine - brush teeth and hair, get dressed, breakfast. same old same old.

then it came to eating his breakfast. he wolfed down a bowl of some cereal that lurked in his cupboard and drank his usual black coffee - because who wants milk in coffee, right?

as he ate, he gazed out the window lustfully - it was a beautiful day outside, the blue sky making him feel just a little bit lighter and more awake.

he could feel the coffee begin to kick in as he wondered what he could spend his day doing. three unfinished songs lay discarded on his desk from an unsuccessful writing session with mitch the day before. he'd deal with that later, he thought, not even humouring the idea of spending yet another day writing.

coming to the conclusion that the day was going to bring him a whole lot of nothing, his phone seemed like a good place to start. flicking between some texts and emails, he began to amuse himself with instagram. he looked through some of his friends posts, longing to be somewhere fun - like on a beach.

soon enough the few posts of his close friends passed and the host of people he followed dwindled into one - a couple of selfies here and there with a few food posts that looked far too pretty to actually taste nice.

then came the dreaded sponsored posts - influencers posting their skinny teas and suspicious looking apps. he wanted to laugh to himself, but soon stumbled on someone promoting a new running app. there it was.

harry stood quickly, stalking into his room with a new sense of purpose. a mid-morning run should set him fit of his writing block, and make him feel slightly less guilty for the pizza he'd caved and ordered the night prior.

with running shoes adorned and a playlist that consisted mainly of classic rock, he headed out the door. before he could get started he pulled his slightly-too-long hair away from his face and put his sunglasses on.

london looked beautiful in the early spring, especially harry's street. the trees framed the overpriced georgian town houses and the sun hit the pavement in a way that looked almost dreamy.

harry set off, a new surge of motivation and espresso in his veins, a led zeppelin song to ease the boredom. while he wasn't exactly the biggest fan of running, it was easy.

he ran for a while, easing himself back into jogging, which had pretty much halted during his tour and his vacation in la. he'd been out for the odd run or gym session, but knew he should enjoy the time with his friends first.

it took harry about an hour to do the route he'd haphazardly thought of, stopping at the end of the street before his own and deciding to walk the rest to cool off.

a fleetwood mac song began to blare through his headphones and he pulled his phone out of his pocket to check if he'd missed anything.

not much arose from checking his phone - a few twitter notifications and an email to say his parcel was on its way.

but soon enough a small 'excuse me!' that was barely audible over the chain brought him out of his trance and he turned around. he prayed this wasn't a photo request, despite the unconditional love he had for his fans, he knew he didn't look his best after running a 10k.

'hi, morning, sorry to bother you.' the girl started - she was hardly shorter than him, brunette and wore a tired smile. she'd been running too, he observed before he returned a 'morning'.

'this is going to sound utterly bizarre, but hear me out.' she began, and harry smiled, confused. 'i saw you running before and i wanted to give you my friend's phone number. you're exactly her type and i just couldn't pass on this for her.' she laughed nervously and harry smiled warmly.

this was definitely not the interaction he was expecting to have.

a million thoughts fluttered through his head. the first, as vain as he knew it sounded being did she not recognise him? but the loudest of all being f*ck it. take the number.

harry knew, deep down, the kind of repercussions this could bring - she could be a crazy stalker, but the coincidental nature of it all called out to him. was this the universe telling him something?

'okay, let me just grab my phone.' he said, 'okay i'm ready - hit me with it.'

the brunette smiled, 'oh great! her number is (xxx). again, i'm sorry to bother you.'

'it's no problem. did you have a good run?' he asked, putting his phone back in his pocket. 'i did, thank you.'

'good! i best get going but thanks for the number.' he chuckled warmly and she returned the laugh 'no problem! have a nice day.'

'you too!' he called after her as she began to jog off.

this was definitely not how he was expecting his day to go. at all.

harry bounced the rest of his way back home, silently boosting his own ego as he realised people still found him attractive with a beard that mitch had said made him look dead inside.

with a heightened need to get out of his sweaty running gear, he switched on the shower and hopped in, debating about whether or not he should text the girl. and god forbid what he would say when he did text her.

the thought lingered through harry's mind as he ate his avocado toast and drank his second coffee of the day.


harry: you'll never guess what happened to me today

niall: oh god. go on..?

harry: girl came up to me to give me her friends number while i was out for a run. can't decide if i text her or not?

niall: definitely not what i was expecting

niall: not to sound like a dick but did she recognise you?

harry: don't think she did. quite a relief, was very sweaty.

niall: you weren't wearing that stupid disguise again were you?

harry: there was nothing stupid about that disguise!!!

niall: you didn't look anything like freddie mercury no matter how much you said you did. you looked like sascha baron cohen.

harry: not the point, dickhead. do i text her or not?

niall: why not?

harry: feel like the universe is telling me i should

niall: go for it. always here for you, borat :)

harry: you have a way with words, horan. i'll keep you updated x


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