The Future's Peace

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  This story is set in the early summer of Steven's 17th year (he isn't seventeen yet though.)

  Steven looked back in the rearview mirror to get a look of his old home and old town that he loved so much. As he finally passed that Beach City sign he sighed in relief as he finally reeled in he was about to begin his human half of life.

6 Months Later..
(You guys can start the music now :)

Ocean Town
Steven's Beach House

"Hey Steven!" Connie called into the screen, smiling. "Hey Connie! How's your day going so far?"

"Going well actually! Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl came by and gave me some new star T-Shirts. I have red and blue and a new edition pink!" She exclaimed holding up a blue one.

Steven smiled but then furrowed his eyebrows in realization. "Wait are those blue ones my old ones? That one has an old coffee stain at the bottom." Connie looked at the bottom and indeed there was an old coffee stain. "Oh I guess they are.." She said looking at the T-Shirt. A horn honked in the background and Connie got up from her chair.

"Well Steven I have to go! The gems are here." She said readying herself to leave. "Okay! See you Connie."

"See you!" Beep. Beep. Beep.

Steven got up from the chair a smile on his face as he walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. He hummed as he made himself some coffee. He then walked outside and into the blaring sun beaming down on him. He had finally gotten his happily ever after and was content with his new life. He looked up at the clouds, leaning on the rail of his porch, as he thought of everyones new lives.

Spinel, now living with the diamonds in their newfound Homeworld, was entertaining many with glee and had even made some gem friends.

The Diamonds have also settled down in their new peaceful land. With no battles to fight and no one to rule they have calmed their lives down immensely and have filled the void in their hearts with Spinel.

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl continued to work at little homeschool and with no threats to the world they spent their free time on the Beach playing an updated Steven Tag or hanging out with Bismuth who, in her free time built different constructions of her choice, including the Barn for Lapis and Peridot.

Peridot was a gardener at Little Homeschool and in her free time. Nonetheless she made time to watch Camp Pining Hearts with Lapis, who didn't think the remake was all that bad.

Lapis spent most of her time in the new barn making meep morps and even decided to work with Vidalia and sculpt some models of Amethyst's paintings.

Greg on the other hand spent his time more calmly and settled down a bit. He goes on tour with Sadie and Shep and other small bands who he plans to make big.

Jasper has come around and decided to learn at little homeschool and although her permanent mean look stays on she secretly enjoys being able to calm down from all the war and trouble in life.

Connie, now in her full free time of Summer has decided to study space and wants to become an astronaut someday. She also has pushed a step forward in her relationship with Steven and has decided to date him, even though he lives in Ocean Town now.

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