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prince pov

me and jaeci had decided to hang out in front of the house she was the most beautiful women ive ever seen in my life so far i told her that since shes my girl im going to stop this bulling when i told her that she started to frown and she looked like she didnt want to talk about when i looked away she was going inside i asked her before she fully got in where she was going when i looked at her she was crying i ran after her i didnt care if i was alound in i still went after her i went inside to see her mother standing hugging her she looked at me in disgrace then she asked me why would i do this i asked what did i do thats when jaeci looked at me and i asked to follow her so i did i followed her till i was inside of her room we were standing there looking in each others eyes her eyes where hazel when she started to cry and they fit her very well she told me to kiss her i did when my lips hit hers it sent a chill up her spine i knew cuz she shaked when i kissed her i felt her smile which made me smile harder i loved her

jaeci pov

he was soo cute but his bullied me soo much i couldnt bare to look at him withput being scared of him saying something mean to me and thats y i started to cry i wanted to tell him y i was crying but i didnt want to ruin the relationship i was scared soo i just decided to tell him to kiss me when he kissed me it sent a huge chill up my spine that it made me shake and then smile when i smiled prince smiled even harder his teeth were soo perfect and white it was amazing i honestly felt perfect around him at that momment i told him that i wanted to go walk again but not if the boyz were out there he told me ok lets go and if there out there your fine i got you i grabed his hand and smiled and went out the door we walked and talk till i got in front of the boyz out they all looked at me and laughed i looked at prince and he was ferious the boys looked at prince and had shutin up i was happy me and prince walked off and walked to his house he asked me if i wanted to go in i told him sure we walked in and i met his mom she was pretty and sweet she asked prince if this was the girl he was talking about she said yes then she smiled at me and said yes your right she is pretty i smiled and looked at prince we went up to his room and the first thing i saw was 300 pair of jordans o..m..g then there was a huge misfits poster i told him i loved the misfits so he turned it on that when i started to sing along and dance with it to prince grabbed my waist and kissed my neck and i blushed he whisperd in my hear i think i found my mrs.misfit i told him yes he did then he smiled at me and kissed me again i told him to stop and he asked y i said cuz i want to kiss you i kissed him but when i kissed him he smiled and said he loved me i hugged him and sat on his comfy bed thats when he had changed his shirt when he took his shirt off i smiled and licked my lips this boys skin was soo right soft and light colored it was perfect prince saw me lick my lips and asked if i liked what i see i told him yea then he said well its all your just yous and nobody elses thats when i said i guess im the lucky 1 he told me nope your the perfect 1 he climbed on me and kissed my neck and lips he held my face in his arms and told me a poem he said when i look in the sky i see your hazel eyes no more worries and no more cries love the feeling when i see you and defenitaly when i see you your mind forever no need to cry stay here with me you'll never whine i could only smile and tell that came from his heart i asked him if he wrote that down he told me now just came out from his heart i knew then he was mine as he contiued to kiss me i told me not yet when your ready i felt the kiss go on and on and on i never did want him to stop

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