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-Rob/Grobe got separated from Qannen & John/Dzzahn. He got hooked up with Conspirasan, who sense a kinship with his ideas, and wish to subscribe to his newsletter.

-Qannen almost died after catching a virus from Grobe & Dzzahn. Dzzahn took her to a hospital where they both got fixed up. He told her a little about his life, she learned that he had been obsessed with her for basically her whole life, and kissed him.

-Smairuhh worked very hard on a very controversial theory that life-long enemies, Qynka and Azelbeth, aka Qynkylbeth, are actually in love, and potentially have been for a long time.

-More people died at the Academy of Mysterious Occurrences, but Oreola and her team are no closer to solving the mystery. One lead, despite being a dead end, led them to meeting Truuuly, who hinted at jobs for them after graduation.


-Jorgan_t (remember him, he was from S1) senses something is wrong

-Oreola solves the wrong mystery

-Qannen & Dzzahn raise awareness

-Smairuhh's ideas threaten to tear the city apart

-Rob learns who his real friends are



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