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Sasha doesn't quite understand what he's done until blood drips down his maw. It's thick and agonizing but he's relieved to discover it's his own rather than another, his throat burns from the bubbling red substance rising up into his mouth and he wonders where it's coming from. He feels his hands are not his own, grey claws and scaled skin instead of his familiar petite pale fingers, but he doesn't register that he should be worried. He finds that fangs are uncomfortable and they face outwards, he wouldn't be able to fully close his mouth if he wasn't panting and oozing blood.

He sits in a dark alleyway like an injured bird, splayed on the crumbling pavement that his hind feet's talons sink into. Sasha's utterly still for such a big creature, as if he knows he has done something unacceptable even when he can't recall. Yellow eyes blink, trying to see past the fog in his thoughts until he sees the black feathers shadowing his face, but it's so dark he doesn't know if they are purely black. There's no light around him, but he can see a neon sign atop a rooftop in the distance. He's still in the city.

Sasha suddenly jerks at the knowledge, blood strings flying off when he moves his head frantically. He claws at the ground and moves a limb, but he doesn't know which ones until he sees two wings sprouting from around his shoulders like huge feathered hands, and lets out a yelp. It's muffled by the blood that clogs his mouth and it hurts. He goes still again, afraid of the pain.

He's confused and overwhelmed and has a lack of information. He can't remember why he's here in a humid ally with blood up his throat, hands formed into elongated talons like a hawk and each tooth a sharp canine. Feathers cover his body, slim and unlike any bird he's seen. His showing skin is tough like armor, resembling a dinosaurs or something of an armadillo, and he doesn't know why. He was human, what is he now?

He curls into himself and his wings instinctively wrap themselves around and protect him. He trembles and seems to produce something of a sob. He goes limp with sleep after futile attempts to stay alert, and in his dreams he remembers every detail from what happened that night.

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hope you enjoy! feedback/constructive criticism is welcome, but remember this book is purely just for fun.

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