Chapter Eighteen

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You guys forced it out of me *rolls eyes* so here's the chapter a day early....

I was the first to enter the classroom, and I made my way to the back of the room tiredly. Today has been such a long day, already, and I have two lessons, not including this one, to go.

The classroom started steadily filling up with students and I subconsciously pushed myself lower into the desk as I noticed some people that certainly weren’t human. There were surly, pale faced vampires, long-fingered, graceful faeries (taking a wild guess) and some more normal looking people. But I had read enough fantasy novels to guess that some of them could be shape-shifters.

Suddenly, the seat next to me was taken up by Katie, the girl from my other class. Hesitantly, I raised my hand in a half greeting, ‘Hi, I’m Eve.’

She gave me a wide smile, flicking her long brown hair onto her shoulder, ‘Hello! My name’s Katie!’ I had to smile at her accent, which hit me harder than before.

My cautious smile grew to one of amusement, ‘Yeah, I know. You pretty much stole the show in Spell Invention, you’re really clever!’

‘Thanks.’ She blushed a little, ‘I like to read books a lot.’

‘That would explain it.’ I said, grinning.

She returned the smile, ‘Are you-’

The door of the classroom shut silently, but still, the class quieted immediately, sitting up in attention.

‘Heya, class!’

The class all threw in their greetings, and I frowned. Alice had mentioned something about Magical History being boring, but the blue-haired, violet-eyed, short woman standing in front of the room looked lively.

‘I’m reasonably new to this school, so I’ll give my name. I’m Verisessa Isilidilinion, but you can call me Veri. I am seventy-eight years old this October, and I am considered young and very foolish in elven culture. Any questions?’

The class was in a unanimous dumb silence.

‘Okay, good. I thought we’d start off with something fun; a Centuar timeline!’

Suddenly, the mood changed from anticipatory to bored. Several people leaned back into their chairs, and some murmured in dissent.

I sighed, maybe Alice was right about the whole History of Magic thing. So far, it was the first lesson that I didn’t learn something new in. And not for lack of understanding, but because I can’t even keep my eyes open long enough to hear a full sentence of what Veri was saying.

Even Katie looked less eager to tackle the history of centuars, and I had learned by now that she loved to learn everything.

Poor history; it’s attempt to bamboozle people into mistaking it  for something more fun by adding ‘Magical’ before it had failed miserably, judging by everyone’s look of tedium.


I exited the classroom tiredly, blearily rubbing the sleep dust from my eyes. I had fallen asleep ten minutes into the class, but my Magical History exercise book had, oddly enough, noted down the key points in an uncanny depth.

These books come in handy…

The first thing I did was head towards the canteen; I don’t know who I will eat with, but I may as well get a good line in the queue.

I can proudly say that I now know my way to the Wells building, and from there to the canteen. This time, I didn’t even bother to call an Alice. Or the Alice. Or- whatever…

As I waited in the queue, I invented a game; guess the species. The name was pretty self-explanatory, and so far, I was struggling between a were-wolf and a yeti for an especially hairy looking boy.

‘Do you wanna tell me why you’re staring at that dude?’

I jumped, whipping around to come face-to-face with Alfie. ‘What are you doing here?’

The people behind me shot me dagger eyes, and I quickly pulled him in front of me, sending an apologetic look in their direction.

‘I decided to pay you a visit knowing you’d be too stupid to think of coming to my canteen.’

‘Thanks.’ I muttered, considering shoving him out of the line and straight into the hairy boy in front of me. In the off chance that he was a were-wolf; maybe they would have a massive fight. I’d even think of handing him a stake to raise his chances of winning if it meant I was free of Alfie’s mean and seemingly unintentional insults.

‘You’re welcome!’ He chirped, ‘Ugh, I smell garlic… I’ll meet you on… Eric’s table!’

My mascara-ringed eyes widened and I was about to plead for him to reconsider when he loped off, his black shoulder bag (he is so metrosexual) bumping against his long legs as he walked.

My shoulders slumped, and I moved forward in the line, gnawing on my bottom lip anxiously.

Why? Why, why, why, why, WHY???


Invent a personality for for a teacher in one of the next three upcoming lessons: Magical Ethics, Human Literacy or Transfiguration.

They may or may not be used (depending on if I've already got one or not) and the main point of this challenge is to have fun x) If they're like SUPERLYDUPERLYAMAZING then, with your permission, I may use it.

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