My name is nikita

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My Name is Nikita

Part four

        I wake up. I turn over and see my familar bedside table. I am wondering what I am doing in my bed. I sit up and glance at the clock, it's about 4:30 in the afternoon. I slip my feet over the edge of the bed and into my red slippers. I sigh, I need to know what happened last night, and I need to know why I don't remember anything except the dinner Keetan and I went on. I know my mom should be at work so I go downstairs and make myself a big, fat grilled cheese. While I'm stuffing my face I flip through my Blackberry. I see Keetans number and immediately text it.

Me 4:48 PM: What happened last night.

I put a period at the end to make it sound more dramatic, and to tell him I need to know.

Keetan 4:52 PM: You told me about your twins, and you left me in the restaraunt parking lot.

I scoff at myself, and I tell myself I'm the biggest dick in the world.

Me 4:45 PM: Oh god. I am so sorry.

Keetan 4:47 PM: Okay.


           I am in a maternity store called Tammy, what a stupid name for a store where you buy jeans with elastic waists. It smells like dirty floors and hair. A sudden wave of nausea over comes me and I bolt out the door and heave on some guys shoes.

It's Keetan.



I am soooo sorry about not uploading anything, and for this crappy part!

I will upload more!

I promise!

Happy New Years!

Lovees .


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