Chapter 28-A Christmas Miracle

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Ethan(Swanson's brother)——>

I just want to let you guys know that this story is NOT edited. There will be mistakes and I don't need people mainly *cough @Ishkefae cough* going through it and pointing out every little mistake. It's annoying as fuck and it makes me want to just stop writing all together. So stop pointing out every mistake I make please. Yeah I'm calling you out because I asked you to stop already and you continue doing it so what fucking ever *shrugs*

Chapter 28

A Christmas Miracle

Rowan's POV

We all rush into a small clearing and see Sullivan sobbing onto an unmoving body. Relief floods through my body leaving my knees weak as I see him unharmed. I run forward with everyone else and wrap my arms around Sullivan's shaking body. His hands lock onto Silas's body as I try to gently pull him off. Sven and Rebel pry his hands off and I step back quickly.

"NO SILAS! NO, LET ME GO! PLEASE, SILLIES COME BACK!" He screams loudly while struggling in my arms.

"Baby, calm down." I whisper in his ear and wince when his nails dig into my arms.

"NO PLEASE! BRING HIM BACK!" he wails and I continue stepping away from the body.

"He's gone baby." I say sadly and he kicks me hard as fuck making me hiss and loosen my hold which lets him break free.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" He screams and pushes Quinton away as he steps closer. "S-Silas wake up please."

"Sullivan, he's gone." Quinton says and touches his shoulder making Sullivan shove him away.

"DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME! This is your entire fault! How did you not know he was getting raped and abused by the therapist you forced him to see?! It was because of those pills you made him take that he was so sick! You're so fucking smart and can read people right but you didn't see the evil doctor?! HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW?" Sullivan sobs while shoving his father's chest even though he doesn't move.

"W-what are you talking about? He wasn't raped." Quinton says with wide eyes and Sullivan's eyes flare in hatred. Rape? He can be lying but why would he lie about it if he was going to commit suicide?

"He just told me that he was raped by the therapist he had when he was a kid. The same one you forced him to go to every fucking Monday and Friday! I remember him begging you not to take him. He told you that he didn't like going but you never fucking listened! The meds you and mom would force down his throat as he cried and begged you to stop only made everything worse! He tried to tell you but you wouldn't fucking listen! I HATE YOU!" He roars before turning away from him and dropping to his knees by his dead brother.

I watch worriedly as Sullivan sobs and wails into Silas's chest. My throat tightens and I force back to bile when I look at the red snow by his head. Sullivan kisses his brother's hand before closing his eyes. Suddenly he slumps over and I rush forward to grab him. Pulling my jacket off I wrap it around him as Sven throws his jacket on him as well. His lips are turning blue and I lift him out of the snow.

"Um, guys?" Ethan calls worriedly when I turn to leave.

"What Eth?" Swanson asks while pulling his jacket off and tucking it around Sullivan as well.

"This guy is moving!" He says and we all look down to see Silas's fingers moving.

"FUCK!" Quinton screams and drops to his knees before pressing his hands to the side of Silas's head. "Sullivan must have smacked the gun and thrown it off target at the last second."

"OVER HERE!" Sven screams when we hear the paramedics calling out for us.

Four paramedics rush over with flashlights and stretchers. I lie Sullivan down before rushing after them as they sprint back towards the house. Looking back I see them lifting Silas onto the other stretcher and quickly following us. I know I wanted him dead but if he lives I will thank every single god out there because Sullivan was right. He was sick and abused by someone who should have kept his hands to himself. He needed the help that nobody but Sullivan fought hard enough to give him.

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