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I couldn't remember the exact moments the shots fired or the shuffles that followed after. The most terrifying moment of my life happening in such a blur. I wish I had some memory of it but it was a pity my anxiety overtook any sense in me.

I had been ungrateful for my life. These thoughts pass through my mind as I stare at the heated water, growing up I had been a wildfire of rage, a total brat. It was easy being told how to act, walk, laugh, smile and even stand if that meant getting my adolescent desires in return.

As much tears and sadness my parents death caused me I couldn't help but think of it as a blessing. After all, it shaped me to the woman I am today.

Finding strength was necessary not only for my tender self but for my 9 year old brother Mikael. Looking back, I felt that it was after their passing I really got the attention from everyone. What a beautiful daughter? The question that passed through my years.

Walking out of the bathroom, I feel the weight of the silence.

Silence, something I had become used to.

I'm naive to think that only a shower would drift my mind away from my near death experience. A small smile forms my face as I stare at my cat Lule in her cattery. The only highlight of my day. She purrs as I lace my fingers through her furs, life could get lonely as Mikael was away at the very same boarding school I attended. We rarely spoke after that since he continues to sulk on why he had to go over education in another continent. I wanted him to experience what I did,  the days I spent at Millennium Hall were the best days of my life.

I sigh, getting dressed. I really wanted to forget what happened today but how could I? With everyone's sympathetic looks and my consciousness it was impossible. Outside my room, the usual guard stationed send me a bow and I flash a small smile before heading downstairs. At the dining room, the meals are lined up, I sit at the arm air. Lacey starts to serve me pasta, my favourite probably an effort to cheer me up.

I'm about to take my first bite when Lacey drops a bouquet of orchid by my side. 'Thank you"I murmur.

She chuckles "From the dozens outside" I nod, smiling at the thought of concerns. I had only posted a picture with the caption 'like my favourite orchids' and ever since I had, had series being thrown at me. Husam, the head of security hasn't stopped glooming about it.

As if a cue Husam walks in and Lacey quickly leaves. He has an irritant look and I push my plate suddenly loosing my appetite, its obvious he wants to talk serious. Here I was getting comfortable. The guards Sir Kareem and Xavi excuse us both and he takes his stand next to me.

"As Salam Alaykum Princess"he greets.

'Wa alaykumu Salam"I reply back.

"How are you feeling"he asks.


Husam is a father figure in my life as he walked for my parents before they passed. I really trusted him with everything.

"Good"he nods. "Princess, I believe we are undermining this situation, someone wants you out of the picture and I won't let that happen"

I knew. I had expected this was what he wanted to talk about. "You're right, Husam"I agree. "What's the solution"

"They knew you were going to be there and that means we can trust anyone"he suggests. I nod before a sharp intake of breath. He continuous. "I've invited someone I trust fully, Princess. I want him to personally guard you"

"Personally?"I question immediately. I needed him to elaborate because I was confused.

"He's going to be by your side at all times, Princess"he explains.

"We've already upgraded the security Husam. I really don't think it's necessary to have a personal guard when we already have so much around the Villa"I stand up going over to the kettle. I was suddenly feeling nervous, I needed a cup of chai. I tighten my robe before kneeling for the teaspoon.

"I know Princess"he says. "But I need someone on your tail, someone I can trust"

I sit on the dining. "I understand but I doubt there's someone on the inside"I add reluctantly. "Besides you know how I feel about these personal guards"

I hated personal guards. They had ruined a lot of my childhood with their log books always reporting my actions to my parents. No, thank you.

"With all due respect"he begins. "It's my job to protect you and I'll do that at any cost, nothing will happen to you at my watch. I made a mistake with your parents and that won't repeat. You're going to get a personal guard"

Husam believed that my parents crash was not an accident at all. I didn't like to think too hard on it, it was fate. He had been close with my dad maybe it was why he found it hard to accept it. "I'm sorry"

I stiffen. I understood where he was coming from. "It's okay. Do what you have to do"I couldn't question his decision but I just wanted the little freedom I could get. I guess right now my safety was the only priority.

"I trust him with your life, Farah"

I know he must be relieved since he used my name, trust and life in the same sentence

"Let me introduce you both"he stands up heading to the door.

I take a sip of my tea, cardamon was evident. I shouldn't have added it but I guess it was too late for the regret. With my gaze low I didn't realise I had audience till Husam speaks. "Princess"

I feel my breathing halt and I have to brace myself from choking from my tea staring at the most handsome man before me. Dressed in a black suit, everything about him screamed dominance and danger.

His hands are held together and I notice the ink on them. He stands tall and proud, my eyes flicker to his hair, the darkest shade there was and his eyes. Blue. So blue. I drown. I feel stupid for admiring him but I can't help myself. This man was attractive, the most attractive man I had ever laid eyes on.

I suddenly felt his gaze on me but it disappeared as fast as it was. He looked ahead almost as if I wasn't there.

"Your new guard, Princess. He will accompany you wherever you may go"For a moment, I forgot Husam's presence until those words.

This man would be with me every second of my day, that thought alone made me nervous.

I nod. It seemed to be the only thing I can manage to do at this moment. I could feel my knees weakening and I exhale slow breaths. He's blue eyes meet mine. The Ocean. That's the only thing that I can see. The Ocean. He stares at me brief before opening his mouth and suddenly I'm breathless.

"Harry Andino, Princess. At your service"

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