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["I'm so sorry for your loss"]

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["I'm so sorry for your loss"]


Anyone who knew Lori Munoz from college might be horrified to know that she ended up employed as an office secretary at the 99th precinct.

Knowing that she was a rogue in her pre-adolescence stage, working at the NYPD is the least thing they imagined from her.

As she stepped into the precinct, busy men and women in uniforms caught her eyes as they try focus to their own work.

Lori halfheartedly walked across the bullpen, trying to examine the whole place as she ignore the stares from the detectives on their desks.

"Hey, Calaca."

She immediately turned as she heard the absurd nickname her cousin just called her.

Her lips curled upwards as she made her way towards the only person she knew in the building.

A leather-clad Rosa Diaz.

"I've been waiting for you for almost an hour now. What took you so long?"

"Traffic. I hate New York." She nonchalantly spoke as she snatched the coffee out of her hand.

"Nah. You'll get used to it. Anyway, let's meet the squad."

Rosa called her colleagues as they introduced her as the new office secretary.

Lori just nodded at the introduction as she examine her co-workers.

The man beside Rosa is Sgt. Terry Jeffords. A suspender-wearing, artistic gentleman who's a toughie but a big softie on the inside. On his left are detectives Hitchcock and Scully. The butt of the jokes. Rosa's words.

Beside them is an optimistic Charles Boyle. Rosa refers to him as a foodie with no physical gift.

He seems very friendly and approachable. Lori thought. I'll stay away from him.

The prim and proper Amy Santiago is what caught her attention. Her personality matches everything about her. From her organized clips and binders, a dull office clothes with a hair like a librarian, she's already sure they won't get along.

"That's pretty much everyone. Captain and Jake's not here. They're still out on the field."

The group said their welcomes before they get back at what they're doing. Lori let out a breathe like she just passed an examination.

"I hate talking to people."

"I know you do." Rosa smirked at her cousin knowing how annoyed she is.

The two of them are busy catching up when a loud greeting was heard from the elevator.

Lori looked at their direction seeing two men entering the bullpen.

The one's in uniform. Stoic and sharp look. He must be the captain. Lori thought. She was impressed by his presence that exceeds confidence. Lori thought he's cool.

But what caught her attention is the man-child following him. A disheveled, enthusiastic detective with a wide smile.

Upon seeing his face, Lori almost sink at Rosa's office chair as she tries to hide herself from embarrassment.

Hiding under the desk, she heard a few congratulations for the detective to a certain mission.

Being preoccupied, Lori's head bumped on the desk as soon as she heard Rosa calling her name.

"Hey, get up!"

She almost cursed under her breath before she decided to stand up. Finally seeing the whole squad eyeing her with confusion.

As she waited for Rosa to finish her introductions, Lori looked at the man in front of her. His brows furrowed as if he's trying to remember her from somewhere.

As soon as Rosa mentioned her name on the Captain, the man's eyes lit up before smiling.

Oh. Fuck me sideways.

"I remember you!"

This made Lori nervous as she accepted the handshake from their captain. Her already large eyes widens as she tried to signal him to stop.

"You're the girl from the funeral."

The squad looked at him with confusion as they waited for him to continue.

"It's a long story. She used to crash to funerals for free food. She made out with one of the guests. It was crazy." He laughed a bit before continuing "I escorted her out once when she tried to punch the widow from calling her the 's' word. It was so cool, by the way. Anyway, hi."

He offered her right hand before he shot up a bright grin.

"Jake Peralta. Welcome to the gang."

She hesitantly shook his hand as she looked at the shock faces of their coworkers.

A funeral crasher.

What a good first impression.

Chapter Ooooone~
My first B99 fanfic. I'm in love with the series.
Sorry for using Aubrey Plaza again. I just love her.


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