[Love and Tears] part 28.

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"How about we go to dinner or something?" I spoke down the phone. 

"Yeah, I'll think of something. See you later honey, love you." Christopher responded. 

"Bye," I said, before I pressed the end call before throwing my phone down onto my bed. 

I then went to get some water. I made my way towards the kitchen, dodging the sofa's and other obsitcles that had been placed in my way. I pulled out a glass and poured the water in. I located the ice cubes and dashed them in too. 

"Dani, I'm getting some water do you want anything?" I called from the kitchen. 

"I need to talk to you!" She replied. Did that mean she wanted something or not? I rolled my eyes, bringing her a glass of water just in case. I then made my way back to my bedroom. 

"Here's your water," I said, placing the glasses of water on the bedside table. 

"Sit down," Danielle ordered, which led me to narrow my eyes. 

"Okay then..." I mumbled to myself. I sat down at the tail of the bed, avoiding her feet from where she lay. 

"I thought you'd come to your senses," Danielle started. 

Confused, I asked, "What are you talking about?" 

"Don't act stupid! For the past four days, you've seemed a bit... Quieter," Danielle pointed out. 

"What? No I haven't!" I defended. 

"Demanding that you haven't now isn't going to change the fact that you have been quieter," Danielle stated, which was true. 

I haven't been that quiet I've just not needed to be so loud now. Now that Jay's out of my life there's no more love or tears or heartbreak or lies or any of that. I don't need to be sad or upset anymore. I can live a normal life..ish. 

"Im just happier,"  

"No you're not," 

"What? How can you tell me I'm not happy? Ofcourse I am!" 

"And ofcourse you know I wasn't born yesterday!" Said Danielle, who did know me a little too well. 

"But..." I trailed off, not quite sure what to respond. 

"OK so you really want Christopher?" Danielle asked, her eyebrow raised so high it almost touched her hair line. 


"No you don't!"  

"I do! I'm happy with him. It's safe," I stated, gulping as I did so.  

To be honest, I was happy with Christopher but not as happy as I was with Jay. But he's out of the picture so Christopher'll do. He'll have to do. 

It sounds like I'm using him as a back up option, which is unfair on him but at the same time he got what he wanted. Me. 

The last time I saw Jay was at the hospital six days ago. The more I thought about him the more my heart hurt. And it wasn't the fact that he had used, lied and cheated on me, but because I didn't forgive him and I let him go. But I'm with chris so it doesn't matter. 

He'd been kind and honest enough to tell me everything and I exploded at him. My reaction was bad, I realize that now but I'm with Christopher so nothing can be changed. 

"Safe? Since when does Callie Woods like safe?" Danielle questioned. 

I gazed into space playing with my lips as I did so. "What are you saying?" 

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