I was only bluffing.

No, really, it really surprised me how Reece didn't see past my bluff.

I didn't really want him to lose the Championships...or me.

I only said it because I knew the Championships meant the world to him. I guess, I was hoping he would say that he would lose, and I would immediately say that I was kidding, before gripping the back of his head and smashing my lips onto his.

But I guess life wasn't like that. Not everyone gets the fairytale kind of story.

I just had to learn it the hard way.


That small word was like a blow to the head.

In fact, I literally took a step back.

Boy, did I feel pathetic.

Reece shook his head violently, "Fuck that, I'm not going to lose the championships, to prove myself to you, Chloe. It's your choice whether you want to believe me or not."

I let out an inaudible gasp. Was this really how this was going to end?

"Okay." I said quietly, looking down at my feet, "I guess we both know where we stand then."

Reece looked at me cynically, before scoffing accusingly, "You know, if you loved me back, you wouldn't have made me choose."

Is that what he thought? That I didn't love him?

I narrowed my eyes at him, becoming defensive again, "Oh please. If you truly loved me, you wouldn't have had a choice." I spat, "Goodbye Reece."

"You know what? Fine. Whatever." He said as I retreated, not bothering to hold me back anymore.

It was only then that I let my tears stream down my face, because there was nothing I wanted more than for him to come after me. But the distance between us only grew further and further apart. Reece had given up and I had no choice but to keep going.

Because every girl knows that when if a boy doesn't come after you when you walk away from him, you keep walking.

With new tears blurring my vision, and countless thoughts running through my mind, I bumped hard into someone. I looked up to mutter an apology, but warm arms encircled me.

"Hey, Little C, what's wrong?"

Valentino looked genuinely concerned, his eyes filled with worry. I just shook my head, and tried to leave, but he refused to let go, instead, he pulled me in for a bone-crushing hug, but I didn't mind, it just so happened to be the one thing I needed most right now.

We stayed like that for a while. I just held onto him for support, and he didn't ask any questions, which I was more than thankful for.

When my breathing was relatively normal, I lifted my head up and wiped away the remaining tears, just the final announcement went off, signaling that the championships were about to begin.

"C'mon," Valentino finally spoke, "we have to go."

I merely managed to nod, as my weak knees took me inside the stadium, as thousands of people cheered with excitement. Valentino was saying something to me, but I could barely hear him over the screams and shouts of the people around us. Together, we made our way to the front rows, where the rest of the boys were already seated.

All too soon, the Championships started.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! I welcome you as we gather here today to celebrate the 31st Annual Cambyses Championships!" The speakers roared, causing the crowd to go absolutely insane.

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