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With a great whoosh, the others and I tumble onto solid earth and hear the crash of waves. As I stagger to my feet, stars whirl above me. I see I'm on a cliff overlooking a dark sea. Ron holds Hermione gently. Tears sting her eyes. I look and see Harry sitting up, looking around.

"It's all right, Hermione. You're safe. We're all safe."

She doesn't respond, nor Ron. Then I realize they are looking past me, even Griphook, the sword hanging limply in his hand. I turn.

Dobby stands alone, a smile on his face, hand over his heart, the hilt of Bellatrix's dagger protruding between his fingers.

"Dobby... no..." Harry mutters. As Harry rushes to him, the elf crumples in his arms, his eyes rolling up to the stars. I run to their side and kneel down next to them, placing my hand on Dobby's.

"It's okay... Here... Just hold on, Dobby... We'll fix you." Harry stammers.

"Hermione, your bag, you must have the Essence of Dittany, something... Hermione! Help me!" I cry out, tears starting to form in my eyes.

She merely stands, tears streaking her cheeks.

"Such a beautiful night... to be with friends. Dobby is happy... to be with his friends... Harry and Amelia Potter..." Dobby gives a little shudder, then goes still.

The others simply stare, mute, listening to the waves thunder. Footfalls sound. Ron turns, sees his brother Bill and Luna approaching from the cottage in the distance.

"Fleur's seeing to Ollivander. Anyone else need tending-" Bill begins to say. He eyes Harry and I curiously, crouched, his back turned. Then sees Dobby's limp little legs dangling lifelessly. As the others watch, Harry reaches out and, gently as he can, pulls the dagger from Dobby's chest, then shrugs off his jacket and enwraps the elf's body.

Slowly, our shoulders begin to shake. Only Luna dares to step forward. Kneeling, she sees Harry and I are silently crying.

"We should close his eyes. Don't you think?" Luna reaches out, tenderly places her fingers upon Dobby's eyelids and closes them. "There. Now he could be sleeping." She turns then, looks at Harry and I. "Mia. Harry. It's all right. That it hurts. That's what reminds us how lucky we are to be alive."

I turn, studying her serene face briefly, then my eyes shift to Dobby, his face serene as well, in death.

"I want to bury him." Harry mutters.

"Properly. Without magic." I add.

A spade pierces the earth as Harry and I begin to dig, fiercely obsessed by our task. A moment later, Ron kneels beside us and begins to do the same, then Hermione.

I look off into the thundering ocean and the lone cottage in the distance. I stand and begin walking towards the beach. Needing some time to myself.

I walk in the sand awhile, head completely emptied of all thoughts. I don't know what to think at the moment. So much has happened.

Taking a seat near the water, I look off into the ocean. The sun glistening on the water, wave after wave comes near me on the shore. Never ending.

I'm tired of all this death. Too many have died at the hands of Voldemort and his followers. It's time someone faces him, de-throwing the so called "Dark Lord."

"Mia..." a soft voice states. I turn to see Luna standing behind me, moving to take a seat next to me. "How are you feeling?"

"Well, I'm glad to see that you and the others are okay." I fake a smile.

"Thanks for saving us by the way." She smiles, looking in the direction I am. "Now tell me how you're really feeling."

"I'm tired, Luna." I tell her. "I'm tired of the death and destruction going on in our world. And most of all I'm tired of running from it."

"You and Harry weren't in hiding by choice, were you?" She asks.

"To tell you the truth, we were never in hiding." I say quietly. She raises an eyebrow. I turn to her. "Dumbledore gave us a task. A task that has to be completed before we can defeat... You-Know-Who."

"Did you complete this task?" She asks.

"Not yet." I say, disappointedly.

"I'm sure you and your brother have done the best you can."

"That's just it, we have. And we've only completed half of it." I reply. "In all these months, our best was only half good enough."

"So you're one of those people." She mutters. I look to her with a questioning look.

"One of who?"

"You see the glass as half empty." She continues to look at the waves.

"Care to explain?" I ask. She glances at me with a smile.

"Some people see a glass filled halfway up with water as half fun. Others see it as half empty." She informs me. I raise my brow.

"I'm still not following."

"Perspective, Mia." She chuckles slightly. I nod in understanding, finally knowing what she's talking about.

"So you're saying I should be happy with what I've accomplished and not focusing on what I haven't?" I ask. She nods her head.

"Knowing Dumbledore, it cant have been an easy thing he asked you to do. So be proud of what you have done already." She places her hand on mine. "I am."

"Thank you." I smile graciously. She removes her hand and continues to look at the water.

"Have you heard any news about my father? Is he..." she stops herself, not wanting to finish that sentence.

"He's alive." I reassure her. "We saw him just before the Snatchers took us to Malfoy Manor."

"Was he alright?"

"He was distraught. He misses you." I smile, then watch a crab crawl onto shore. "He was willing to do whatever he could to get you back."

She glances in my direction, the look on my face says it all. "You don't mean he-" she stops herself.

"I don't blame him." I reassure her. "If the person I loved most in the world was in trouble, I'd do anything to get them back."

"I can't believe he sold you guys out." She looks saddened. I put my arm around her.

"Don't be upset with him, please. He was only doing what he thought would get you home." As I say this, she turns into me and wraps her arms around my torso, engulfing me in a hug.

"I guess it all worked out in the end." She says to me, releasing me from he grasp. "You saved us and were all safe now."

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