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Ron, Deluminator in hand, sends a ball of light across the darkness and a gaslight blooms faintly. Luna's pale face floats forward, hovers vaguely.

"You both look strange." She says, noticing Harry and I. "Mr. Ollivander, look who's here. It's Harry and Amelia Potter."

I look past Luna and see a goblin, whom I recognize to be Griphook, standing in the shadows. Next to him, sitting slumped against the wall, is the wandmaker, Ollivander, looking frail. His chin lifts slightly, runny eyes glimmering against the light as he studies Harry and I's swollen faces.

"Hello, sir." Harry and I greet him.

Ollivander falters, his face troubled. I eye him curiously, when Bellatrix's voice echoes through the vent.

"I'm going to ask you once again: what else did you and your friends take from my vault!"

"I told you. I don't know what you're talking-" Hermione screams in pain. Ron slams his fist against the wall, turns.

"We have to do something, mates!"

"There's no way out. We've tried everything." The old wandmaker staggers over time us.

"You're bleeding, Harry." She points downward. Harry removes his glasses from his pocket, slips them on and peers at his sock, where blood has soaked through. Harry reaches down, pulling the sock away from his ankle, revealing a small gash and the thing that caused it: the mirror shard. "That's a curious thing to hide in your sock."

Taking the shard, Harry turns the silvery side toward himself, and for a split second, the eye seems to flicker there again. Harry wipes away the film of blood, but the eye is gone.

"You were hiding it, weren't you?" Luna asks. Before Harry can respond, Hermione screams again. Pained by this, Harry debates something, then peers into the mirror.

"Help us." We study him curiously, then footsteps sound.

Ron clicks the Deluminator and all goes dark. The cellar door squeals open and Wormtail's silhouette appears in a shaft of light. Ron rushes forward, but Wormtail stops him with a gesture of his wand.

"Let her go! Let her go!" I try to hold Ron back as best as I can, not wanting him to get hurt.

"Shut it!" Wormtail snarls. "You. Goblin. Come with me."

As Griphook mounts the stairs he turns, eyeing Harry and I curiously, then Wormtail grabs his arm, slams shut the door. Ron clicks the Deluminator again and, as light returns, Dobby materializes before us.

"Dobby. What're you doing here?" Harry asks the house elf.

"Dobby has come to rescue Harry and Amelia Potter, of course." Everyone stares, stunned. Harry stares in similar amazement at the mirror glittering in his palm.

Then my brows furrow, and I look to Dobby. "Do you mean to say you can Apparate in and out of here? And take us with you?"

"Of course. I'm an elf."

"Works for me." Ron shrugs.

"Right." I nod, glancing at everyone in the room. "Dobby, I want you to take Luna and Mr. Ollivander to-" before I can finish, Ron interrupts me.

"Shell Cottage on the outskirts of Tinworth." I look to him with confusion. "Trust me."

I nod, turning to Luna. "You'll see to Mr. Ollivander?"

"Of course." She smiles sweetly and looks to Dobby. "Whenever you're ready, sir."

Dobby blinks at Luna's use of "sir." He grins. "Like her very much." Then he looks to Harry, Ron, and I. "Meet me at the top of the stairs in ten seconds."

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