Interconnected Hearts - Chapter 1and 2

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As soon as I step foot in the school building on Monday morning, I'm swarmed by Freshman girls freaking out.

"Ms. Quinn! Oh my God you're married to Scott Adams?!"

"Ms. Quinn, can you get me his autograph?"

"Ms. Quinn, can you bring him to work with you..please please please?!"

I laugh shaking my head as I step out of the circle they've created around me. "Sorry sweeties, he doesn't come to work with me. All this," I motion around the hallway, "is more my place. He loves his fans, believe me, but he wouldn't come here and trample all over my space."

A red headed girl pouts, "But he's your husband! You can make him come here, Ms. Quinn. You would be our most favorite counselor ever!"

"I bet I would be too...but he's going to be super busy filming his new movie. He's not going to have time to stop by anytime soon."

There's a collective groan as the bell rings and they slowly dissapear to their classes.

I sigh as I open the office door and start making my way to my little office. Before I get very far though, the receptionist, whom I've come to be friends with, hurries into the hallway and blocks my way.

"Ok Krista, tell me everything! Is it really as glamorous as it looks on TV?"

"Oh it's even better than watching on TV," I smile and walk into my office. "It's amazing being in the middle of all that. And don't even get me started on the stars..."

"Are they just as hot in person?" Mona asks with an eyebrow raised.

"Uh-huh...oh my God Mona, you wouldn't believe what it's like being that close to them! Don't get me wrong, I love staring at Scotty too, but that many hot guys in one place should be illegal."

A knock on the door brings us out of our conversation. "Excuse me Mrs. Garrett, but I need a late pass." A girl dressed in a jean skirt and tight tank top says from my door.

"Again, Sofie?" Mona says shaking her head. "Alright, come on......more about your big night later!" she whispers the last part to me before ushering Sofie out the door.

I laugh before settling into my usual routine for the day. As I'm putting some student files away my desk phone rings and I walk around grabbing it as I slide into my chair.

"Ms. Quinn speaking."

"Hello Ms. Quinn, or well Mrs. Adams. This is Mr. Fallon at Excite Entertainment."

Mitchell's calling me? He's Scott's boss, what if something happened? My heart starts pounding as I take a breath trying to calm myself. "Yes, Mr. Fallon, is everything ok?"

"Yes, Mr. Adams is fine. But it's another one of my clients that I'm calling you about."


"Yes, Ms. Reese, Zoie. She is causing us all kinds of headaches. Mr. Warren came to me after his wife suggested you might be able to help out, you work with kids in highschool, correct?"

"Yes sir, I'm a high school counselor. I got my Psychology degree just over a year ago."

"Perfect. I need you Mrs. Adams."

"Please, call me Krista, Mr. Fallon. And um, what exactly are you asking?"

"I need you to save Zoie from herself, she's on the path of self destruction and I think someone like you is exactly who she needs. She's working with Mr. Adams on Redemption, it would be a great place for you to interact with her in a not so formal setting. Plus, you are way under the radar. If we bring in the big wigs for this, the paparazzi will likely get wind of it and cause a lot more issues."

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