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Hanging up the phone. Grabbed my glass of wine and then placed my ass on the couch next to Grace, the words from Nan's lawyer still in my thoughts.

In her will your grandmother stated that you are the sole owner of her beach house and all the belongings there. In the state of North Carolina: in a Town called River-Cove.

I can't believe that the house is still there, I can't believe she left it to me alone. Not to her own children, not shared between me, Mia, and Mia's brother Russ. But to me solely alone, I don't know why she would do that to be honest.

She never played favourites, did she talk to my mom and uncle before she did this? Or to my cousins? I mean would it even be fair to take the house?

"So what did the lawyer say?" Grace asks me as soon as I sit down next to her. Taking a sip of my wine and sighed, still trying to get my head around the fact that the house I loved as a child is now all mine.

"Apparently I'm the sole owner of my Nan's old beach-house" I answered still not believing it. I heard Grace's neck snap as she turned her head around to face me so fast and she throws her eyes to me,

"The one in North: Carolina? At the seaside? Where you spent your summers?" She exclaims with a ton of questions.

Nodding my head. "Yeah that would be the one".

Grace looks at me shell-shocked.

"Wow this is huge? I mean what are you going to do with it?"

Letting out a sigh "I don't know Grace, mostly because I don't understand why she left it to me and me alone" I say.

When I spoke to the lawyer, he said nothing about why Nan did what she did with the beach house. There was no explanation why she left that place to me and not shared it between us, it just makes no sense.

"Maybe your nan was secretly psychic and she knew what a prick Jeremy was going to be and what a disrespecting bitch Mia was going to turn out to be, and that you would need an escape route away from their nasty-asses" She sneered before taking a sip of her own wine.

As you can tell Grace hates them both so much and she does not try to hide it either. But that hate it comes from a place of kindness as a friend to me.

"I doubt it Grace-;" I chuckled a little and sighed before carrying on,

"But before I do anything, I want to talk to my mom and uncle about this. Maybe even the rest of the family-;"

She looks at me as I finished talking, her eyes narrowed at me in a shock.

"By the rest, of your family I hope you don't mean her who shouldn't be named anymore?" She asks me, referring to Mia. Shaking my head and rolled my eyes, with how dramatic Grace is being, but that said it's nice to see the light and humour back in her life again.

"Seriously? Your talking like she's Lord Voldemort" she shrugs and looks at me.

"If the shoe fits, my friend" Grace grumbled, feeling a half smile on my face as I stare at my best friend with humour, I'm lucky to have Grace.

"Well regardless of what Lady-Voldemort did to me, Roseline was still her Nan too. It wouldn't be right accepting the house, without everyone's okay first"

Grace stays quiet for a moment, her mouth twists up, like she wants to argue with me, but she stops and simply nods her head.

"You Tori Winters are a better person than anyone I've have ever known-;" She begins to saying.

"And your heart of gold is what makes you extraordinary" She adds after a second, looking at my best friend and sighed. Just as a wave of emotions hits me out of the blue, feeling my eyes water and the tears form.

"Or it makes me an idiot?" I muttered through my cries, as all the feelings that I have be trying not to feel about Mia, my Nan and stupid Jeremy just all come at once.

"No Tori you not an idiot, you chose to love and to trust them. They are to blame for all of this, and they do not deserve your self-doubt" She tries to reassures me, wiping the tears from my face and shook my head, tying to calm myself down.

"I just don't understand it Grace, and I hate how it makes me feel. I hate crying because of them" I admitted to her, the truth is I'm struggling.

Because I don't understand why they did this to me, I mean maybe Jeremy has done it before I don't know he could have? And I just never saw the signs.

But Mia it's different, she's my cousin, she's my family and I brought her into my home without a second thought about it, and she turns around and has an affair with the man I was going to marry, that's the part I'm struggling the most with.

"Because cheaters are cheaters, you can't change their selfish nature" She said,

"And with Mia, it's just disrespectful. You don't treat family that way ever" Grace added with a disapproving look on her face.

"Why would she do this? I mean we've always been so close, I was there when Uncle Benny and his wife brought her home from the hospital after she was born-;" I tailed off thinking back to our childhood, the times we spent together.

"We did everything together despite the four-year age gap. She was always more like my sister than anything else"

"I know Tori, I saw how close you guys were. I can't understand it myself"

Throwing my eyes to her and looked at her through my teary eyes.

"I keep analysing our childhood and our lives around each other, to think what I could have done to her, for her to hate me enough to do this to me. But there's nothing to justify it" I say through my hiccups. Grace shakes her head and frowned,

"There's nothing to justify it and it's not your fault. Mia saw something that she wanted, and she took it without thinking about the impact of her actions.

And Jeremy is just a weak-ass man who is way to boring and shallow, for someone as awesome as you are" Giving her a half smile, now that my tears have finally slowed down.

"How do I get through this Grace?" I ask in a whisper with such force because I'm not sure if I can pick myself back up from this. I'm not sure if I will ever stop feeling this way.

Grace stares at me sadly for a moment and then sighs before replying,

"First tonight, you will drink wine and then more wine until you see unicorns dancing on rainbows-;" She smiles at me, letting out a small giggle,

"And we will eat lots of chocolate, because who doesn't love chocolate and then-;" She broke off and looked at me with comfort in her eyes, and sadness but seriousness in her features.

"Then tomorrow you will make your phone calls, expect to Lady-Voldemort. And if your family is okay with you getting the beach-house, you pack a suitcase and you just go"

Opening my mouth to argue but she holds up her hand to stop me.

"Even if you just go for a week, or a month or longer. The point is Tori, just go. Find some clarity at the seaside, take a minute to just think about what you want and only you. And didn't you always say River-Cove gave you a sense of peace, when life got tough?" Grace says to me, letting her words sink in for a moment.

Grace has a few good points; I mean I'm not happy in California and I can't go to my parents. Maybe this beach-house is fate, maybe it is supposed to be my escape that I need from everything.

Shaking out of my thoughts and looked back towards my best friend and nodded.

"Maybe River-Cove is the place I need to go, maybe it might help me heal" I announced, a little unconvinced but still feeling a small smile of my lips and feeling a little less hopeless about it all, then I did this morning.

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