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I avoided Claire and the boys like a plague. After a very silent and discomforting dinner with them I went up to my room without as much as a goodbye. I could hear their whispers of what is wrong with her as I marched up the stairs but I was too consumed in my own failed life to turn back and answer them or even tell them that I was okay.

I'm not okay but who needs to know that, right. Ever since I became a werewolf/vampire, I haven't been okay. I've made bad choices, bad decisions and now I don't know where to pick up my crappy life from.

Axel doesn't want me anymore. I left the pack that was willing to accept me. I rejected my supposed mate. I'm not even going to school. I'm an outcast in both human and werewolf life. Where do I exist? Where do I belong?

These questions swam through my mind as I stared out the window of my room. There was no moon tonight so the forest was terrifingly dark. Just like my life. I couldn't bring myself to even cry. The tears just wouldn't come. I couldn't scream either, my voice felt lost. And for the first time, I was tried of running.

I sighed to myself and got up from the window seat. I rummaged through my closet for a night wear, and got into bed once I had it on. At least if my life was going to be meaningless, I might as well sleep it away. I got comfortable on my bed, facing the window as I laid down. My lids began feeling heavy as I continued to stare off into nothing. I could feel something moving in my room but my mind was too weak to be alert.

Whatever it is, I hoped it'd kill me.

"That's a strange desire." The minute his musical voice reached my ears, I sprung up from my bed and stared at the dark corner in my room. I stared intently at the dark trying to make out his silhouette

"You came back."

"You certainly weren't expecting that. I was positive I left quite the impression."

"No, I was.. never mind."

"You reek of sadness."

"I reek? What do you.." I sighed. "What are you talking about? How can you tell I'm sad, you can't even see me."

"Other than your voice being a dead giveaway, your emotions are all over the place."

"You can feel what I'm feeling?" The shock and curiosity in my voice wasn't lacking.

"Yes little wolf. I can."

"So you're not just supernatural but you have super powers too?"

"I wouldn't call them superpowers." I pictured him grimacing. "I'd say they are gifts that come with being what I am."

"What you are?"

"That's not a new topic little wolf, unless you've forgotten."

"How can I? I'm half what you are."

"Which is very fascinating if I may say. I've never in all my years come across a half breed of both species."

"I'll take that as a compliment." I said, more like a question.

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