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Well, here it is. This one's for my nagging friends, Kayla, Taylor, and Emily (:


Chapter Seven

          "Happy Birthday, Amelie!" Jake yells.

          "No. I don't want to get up. Five more minutes, please?" I ask.

          "No, Amelie! Your waffles are getting cold, along with the eggs and bacon I made." I sit straight up. Jake is an amazing cook.

          "Plus, it's the first day of summer vacation!" he cheers. Yeah, almost a month has passed, and we're officially dating.  I officially turn seventeen today.

          "Morning, gorgeous," he says and kisses me. I tuck my straightened hair behind my ear and follow him downstairs. I sit down at the table and start to pig out.

          "Happy birthday, hon," he says and hands me a little wrapped present.

          "I told you not to get me anything," I say.

          "I know, just open it," he grins. I unwrap it and it's a little silver heart necklace, with a few diamonds in it. I know it's real because the box says it's from Kay's.

          "Oh, Jake! I love it! Thanks!" I hug him.

          "You're welcome, honey," he says. I finish eating, and go upstairs. I get dressed, in a pink Hollister t-shirt and shorts. I pull my long hair into a ponytail.

          I spend the day with Jake. The rest of the guys come over for a while. Form them I got: $50 in iTunes gift cards, a new skateboard (Someone by the name of JAKE broke my old one), and eight packs of gum. They know me so well...

          My parents got me a bunch of clothes and $100 for the local tattoo/body piercing place. I'm going to get my nose and my belly button pierced.

          The best present I get is from Jake's parents. They bought Jake and me tickets for a cruise ship, for vacation! Jake and I get the whole vacation to our selves, no adults, just us. It's going to be great.

          By the end of the day, I practically fall into bed, I'm so exhausted! It was a pretty good birthday, over all. The only thing that scares me is that this time next year, I'll be eighteen, and headed to college. Wow. Time flew by...

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