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Pen Your Pride

“When do you come visit?” you say into the phone, laying on your bed. “Soon,” replies Harry and all you can think about is running your fingers through his curls. You’ve been feeling lonely lately, missing the feeling of his lips, he arms around you, his hips pressing against yours during the night. The thought brings a tingling sensation to you and you bite your lip. “I’m so lonely,” you say quietly, and you hear him shuffle, and then a door shuts. “I want you so bad,” he says, his voice deep and husky. You smirk, and your fingers are trembling. “I want to feel you inside me,” you say, closing your eyes and picturing Harrys length thrusting inside of you. You hear his belt buckle clink, and then you hear it drop to the floor. You realize what he’s doing. “I want your mouth kissing me everywhere and I want you to rub every part of me,” you say and he’s grunting. “Finger yourself,” he whispers and you immediately slip your fingers into your pajama pants, sliding two fingers in. You moan quietly and his voice is in your ear again. “That’s me,” he breathes. “I’m making you moan, aren’t I?” The thought of Harrys long fingers inside you, hitting the right spot every time, makes you moan again. “Harry,” you moan, and he moans your name right back. The intensity builds up and you’re both whispering dirty things huskily in each others ears. “I’m going to cum,” he groans, and you feel you’re about to also. You hear him groan and you climax at the same time. “I can’t wait to see you,” he whispers, and you both talk endlessly into the night.

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