Chapter 17

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I opened my eyes slowly, inventing the world to come back into my eyesight. My body shivered from the cold. What just happened to me? I remembered the swing hitting me and then everything went blank.

"Glad to see that you're up." I heard Travis' warm voice speak.

I smiled, "Si. Donde es Mami and Papi?"

"They're already to the party." Travis answered.

"But the party is finished." I said confused.

Travis chuckled, "No. Our school is having a party for you. It was Sarah's idea."

"A party for me? Why?" I asked.

Travis walked closer to me. "To celebrate you coming out of the hospital well."

"Does everyone know about it?" I asked embarrassed.

"Si." Travis answered.

I smiled. I hadn't heard Travis speak spanish in the slightest before. It was a native language in our country, Argentina, but where we lived, english was more accepted.

"You better get ready Kody, or we'll be late." Travis warned me.

I groaned, "But I don't have a dress."

Travis smiled, "Your parents took care of it." He pointed beside me where a mini dress laid.

I got off the bed and examined the dress. It was a form fitting, sequence short dress with a low cut v-neck line and spaghetti straps. The bright teal colour would flatter my skin tone. I smiled but my smile quickly turned into a frown.

"What's wrong? Don't you like it?" Travis asked as he walked up to stand beside me.

I shook my head, "No. I like it but it'll be too big."

Travis laughed. I looked at him with a questioning look.

"You haven't seen yourself since you came back from the hospital, have you?" Travis asked me, a smile still on his face.

"Well I didn't get the chance. When I came home, it had the party and after that I went unconsious." I stated.

Travis lead me to the mirror in my room. I grasped as I saw myself. Mostly my hair was black, almost the same colour as Travis but a little lighter, and I had hot pink highlights in my hair. It was just horrible.

I was still short which made me frown. I thought I would have grown much more than this. I was about 5 feet 3 inches. Other than that, I was really attractive. My eyes were the same and my lips were fuller. I looked at myself closely. My body was rocking.

My eyes widened. I moved my hands to touch my breast and gave it a little jiggle although it hurt a bit to do that. I smiled. I had a really nice rack and it was still growing.

I heard Travis laugh. "You forget I'm here."

I smiled, "No. Can't a girl admire what she's got?"

I turned around to get a look at my butt. Nice. I jumped into the bathroom. "I'll be right outside." I heard Travis say.

I noticed there was a bottle of black hair dye next to the shower. I whispered thanks to my mom. I would have preferred my usual blonde hair bu black was good too.

After dying my hair and taking a shower, I shaved and headed out the bathroom. I saw that Travis was looking at a picture that I had on my dresser with him and myself posing in a hug. We looked so nice together.

I was dryingmy skin when Travis turned to face me. He looked away quickly, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry." He said.

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