Yes, I know, but that doesn't mean I can't miss your usual hairstyle that I like so much."

"WHA-.. Y-y-you like it so much????"

If I had to guess what Kei is thinking right now, I'd say it would be something like:
Kiyotaka said he likes my ponytail so much
Kiyotaka said he likes my ponytail so much
Kiyotaka said he likes my ponytail so much

I'm almost too positive that she repeated that 3 times exactly in her head. Well, now I should deliver the final blow.

"Yes, I love it more than anything."


Ok, maybe I went too far this time, there's smoke coming out of her head.

"....Ah!?...wait a second... Kiiiiiiyooooootaaaaaakaaaaaa!!!"

Oh, I guess she noticed. I'd better start apologizing.

"You always do this to me! Do you want me to have a heart attack???"

"I'm sorry, but Kei is so cute I can't help it"

"C-Cute..No! Flattery won't get you out of this one!"

Kei pouts. (This is a tribute to KeiPout may it rest in peace) I really love teasing her, that hasn't changed at all.

After a few minutes, the bus arrived. We both stared back at the school's direction before boarding the bus. None of us said a word, so after we both took a seat beside each other. I asked Kei.

"Did you say your goodbyes to everyone? We might never see them again you know?"

"It's ok, as long as I am with you Kiyotaka, I don't need anyone else."

Taking her words to my heart, I held Kei's hand while looking at the bus's window.

Suddenly, Kei put her head on my shoulder. In response, I started caressing her hair with my fingers. After a bit of silence, Kei spoke up.


I turned my gaze towards her.


"I love you."

The words that came out of her mouth weren't new. I've heard them before from here during our time together. But every time my feelings for Kei grow, these words gain more power. Now they have enough power to bring warmth to my ice-cold heart.

"I love you too Kei.

With a real smile that no one other than her will ever see, I said these words. My heart started beating quickly and I could see Kei's face getting red.



We drew our faces closer to each other and intimately kissed.

I wished that this moment would last forever. However, we both snapped back to reality by the sound of the bus reaching its final destination.

Worried, Kei asks

"What are we going to do now?"

"For now we will be going to a hotel to spend the night."

It has already started to get dark here in Tokyo, we need to find a place to stay for the night.

"But Kiyotaka, wouldn't that be a bad idea?"

As expected from Kei, she understands our situation well. Especially after I told her about how my father does things. She must've realized that if we used our names to book a room in a hotel, he may be able to track us down using that information.

However, I already made preparations against that.

"Don't worry, the one who booked the room is Horikita."


Wait she must've misunderstood me.

"No, I meant the older Horikita. Former Student Council President, Horikita Manabu"

I had already obtained his number two years ago before he left our school. I never thought there would be a time where I would need to use it.

"I called him the other day and had him make us a reservation using his name."

"Oh.. As expected from Kiyotaka, always a step ahead. Haha it's more like you're too many steps ahead"

While saying that Kei drew closer to me and linked our arms together while we walked towards the hotel.

The hotel was a bit far so we ended up walking for a while. After we arrived at the hotel, we went to bed early since we were exhausted.

The next morning, Kei and I woke up at the same time, so we went to brush our teeth. While Kei was happily brushing her teeth, I decided to attack my cute girlfriend again.

"I wonder if we look like Newlyweds right now?"


She spat all the water in her mouth on my face.


"I-I-It's y-y-your fault for saying something like that! You did this on purpose!"

I guess she knows me too well. Kei handed me a towel and went back to brushing her teeth quietly.

"So? You didn't answer my question yet."

While blushing slightly Kei replies

"You know the answer, baka."   

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