Let's go to London ~Chapter 1~

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********Natalie's POV***********

"Flight 109 from Atlanta boarding to London."

I heard the announcement and quickly texted my mom that I was getting ready to board the plane. I came here alone, since my parents didn't have money to get a car, my best friend, Lupita gave me a ride.

"Imma miss seein' my homegirl everyday." she said.

"Miss you too hermana" I said calling her the Spanish word for sister.

"Make sure Juako don't get into any gangs." I joked, but she knew I was serious. Joaquin was my little brother, who I'm most definently going to miss, including my parents.

"Will do, now go, your plane is waiting." she said. I gave her one last hug and headed to board the plane.

Going to London to become a hair and makeup lady. This was my dream. I can't believe its going to happen. Of course I'm going to be an assistant, but it was so worth it. I didn't get much information except for the fact that the womans first name is Lou, although that doesn't ring any bells. I pulled out my phone and checked the time. It was 6:04am and November 17th. I quickly replaced it with my iPod instead. I went through the line where they check to see if you have any weapons and such.

After going through it, I finally got on the plane. I looked for my seat which was O21, near the back. I found my seat and put my carry on bag on top of the, thing that holds your carry on bag. I don't know what its called. This is my first time on a plane. I sat down and plugged my earphones in. Daddy Yankees "Gasolina" started playing. I prefer old Spanish music rather than the new kind.

As the chorus of the song came on i began thinking about my family, who I would miss a heck of a lot. I remember how happy they were for me when I told them I got the job. I also remember their reaction when I told them it was in London. I would definitely miss waking up and having my family over, including my aunts and uncles. Hopefully I will be able to see them soon. I was getting lost in though until I saw a girl with the prettiest red hair walk up to me.

"Hey there. Is this seat O22?" She asked me. She had an accent and it seemed country. I mean I was from the South too but not the country south, I was from the "bad" part of ATL.

"Yeah," I nodded. "Hey, I'm Natalie." I smiled at her.

"My names Emily." she smiled.

"I love your shirt." I said, gesturing to the pink Ramones shirt she had on.

"Thanks, I love your boots." I looked down at my blue combat boots.

"Thanks." I said. We began talking for a bit when another girl came towards us. She had brown curly hair, an oversized sweater that said "Love me, Love me, say that you love me." on it, with black leggings and white boots.

"Hi." she said. She sat next to us.

"Hey." Emily smiled.

"Sup?" I said. "I'm Natalie."

"My names Emily." Emily said.

"Rylie." she said.

"How old are you guys?" I asked.

"Nineteen." responded Rylie.

"Eighteen" Emily said.

"Nineteen." I said.

"Poo, I'm the youngest." Emily crossed her arms and pouted. We started laughing.

We began getting to know eachother for bit. Turns out Rylie has Type 1 Diabetes.

"That must suck." I blurted out, then covered my mouth. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"

"No, it's fine." Rylie cute me off. "I'm not uncomfortable talking about it. You got what you got."

I nodded agreeing with her.

"So are you guys going to London, like on vacation or something?" Emily asked.

"No I actually got a job to be a 'groomer' which is basically a hair and makeup lady. More like an assistant." I explained.

"I'm hired to be a stylist! Well, intern for right now." Rylie said.

"That's cool!" I said.

Emily spoke. "You guys have interesting jobs. I'm going to be a full-time nanny." she blushed.

"Sounds like...fun." I didn't know what else to say.

"Well, Lou said I get to travel with her, so yeah." Emily smiled.

"Wait Lou?" Rylie and I asked simultaneously.

She nodded. "I dont know her last name though."

"I work for someone named Lou also!" Rylie smiled.

"Me too, well Lou and this lady named Crystabel!" I stated.

"I'm pretty sure thats the same person. So, we'll be seeing each other a lot more often." Rylie giggled.

"That's so cool! We would keep in touch a lot!" I smiled.

A small bell rang signaling that it was time to put your seat belts on. One of the flight attendants gave the instructions on what to do for emergencies. After that it was time to take off.

Ok, I thought. Lets go to London.


Sorry this is short, but right now its the introduction. The boys will come in later! Hope you like it. Please comment and vote! It would mean so much! Also hopefully Ill get pictures of what the girls look like. That's Emily ----> (if it even shows)

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