"Yes, I wouldn't dare not to. And they don't know why as I promised as well." He said letting out a sight. He as well have kind of been avoidning Jake. He really hadn't been in a good mood and not to fun to be around. He hadn't let me out of his sight either, and even I was starting to have a hard time not trowing something at him. I knew this was serious, but he was starting to get too overprotective. 

"What are you talking about?" I asked taking a step back to look up at Jake. 

"Well if anything unexpected is to happen I have had some of my best fighters at the pack house ready to come with as many fighters as we need." Jake said looking at me with a stern face, this was what he thought was best to do to protect me, so there was no way I could talk him out of it. But it was a perfect example on how he was running everything by himself and ordering people around.

"Come on let's just go already." I said getting out of Jakes arms walking over to John and Robert to tell them we were ready to go. I didn't want to wait anymore. This was it so I could just as well just get it overwith.

We didn't really need anything apart from our coats and a bag of things that Robert had packed. We walked through the empty town and I couldn't help but try to imagine how my life would have been if the DA had never existed. I would have grown up in this town. I would have gone to school here, maybe have had a crush or a boyfriend growing up. I would have had a safe childhood with parents who loved me. I would properly have had childhood friends and lived a realative normal life considering I would have been a kind of prinsesse.

"Give him some credit." John said walking up beside me. "He's scared to death that something will happen to you, having back up can't hurt anyone." He said smiling down to me.

"I know. I'm not mad." I informed him, I wasn't, I was just afraid as well that something would happen to anyone of them. I wanted them to stay home. Plus him constantly checking up on me was getting tiring. 

“Good. And we didn’t really get the chance to say how happy we are, but I want you to know, that my mate and I couldn’t have wished for any one better for Jake than you. You really do pull the best of him out in the light.” He said looking over at his son with pride shining in his eyes.

“Thanks, I’m happy you think so.” I said looking over at him as well. God I prayed to god nothing would happen to him. I would never forgive myself for putting him in this situation if something did happen.

“You know I wasn’t happy when I found out you were his mate and he had made you leave the pack. But I’m proud of him and how he got you back.” He said as we left the town and walked out into the forest. "I didn't really know how to be around him or what to talk with him about when you had left, and all his mood swings. But it's good that he got you back and he got himself pulled together. I'm not nervous about him taking over the pack anymore. He's as ready as you can get.

“You should tell him that one day, I’m not sure he knows.” I told him and he looked over at Jake for a second before he nodded as an answer. We walked most of the way out to the lake in peace, no one really saying anything. Lizzie and James walked by each other but didn’t say a word. Just looked away from one another. Jake and James walked and said a few words once and then, nothing special. Lizzie and Leo just talked quietly once in a while and Derek would ask Robert a few questions from time to time about my old pack and my history. But that was it. The atmosphere was heavy and no one really knew what to say. No one knew what was going to happen, and everyone knew this could very well be the last time they would ever walk here. That maybe they would never get out of that cave.

We stopped when we came to the lake and Robert looked at me. I knew this was where I had to take over. It was my turn to prove I was ready. I needed to remove most of the water from the lake so we could walk down in the lake and though it. I stopping just before my feet touched the water and closed my eyes. I tried to connect with the water and found it rather quickly. I imagine in my head that the water would rise up in two walls so we could walk through and waited for it to do as I asked it to. From the gasps I heard I knew I had succeeded. I opened my eyes and nodded my head to Robert and he started to walk through the now empty lake.

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