Chapter Seven : Brown Bread

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Hi Readers!!  I am gonna be switching between different pov for this chapter. I will mention their names before i start the POV.  


{Neveah's POV}

Vani looked up at me and put up a forced smile pretending she is all fine.Anyone who doesn't knew her would actually believe her.She has the capability to act all cool and laugh along when she is actually feeling worse inside.

She is the type to kick people's asses .I have known her for 8 years but i have barely seen her cry. Seeing her in this state is something we barely witness.

"Let's go to my room.We'll talk there." I say.

"I-I don't want to talk..Could you get me some water?" Vani asks her voice hoarse.I and Lou walk to the kitchen while El and Vani head to my room.

"Get her something to eat.She hasn't ate anything."Lou said.

"What happened to her?You know she barely cries.This has to be something serious. "I ask.

"i don't know.She doesn't want to speak about this.I tried asking her."Lou states in a worried tone.

"But you always pick her up after practice.How would you not know."I ask placing a pop tart in the microwave.

"I will tell you whatever i know."He says sitting on the island.

"I went to pick her up from her kick boxing practice like everyday.I parked there and waited.She usually is outside waiting for me. I tried calling her but she didn't pick up,so i decided to go inside and look for her. I didn't see her there.When i went towards the back of the building to check,she was crouching against the wall hitting her head repeatedly at it."

He walks to the fridge,takes out water and chugs it down."When i approached her,she appeared in the same state she is in now.Eyes puffed,tear stains,voice hoarse.I ran to her and stopped her.She got up and walked up with me to the car.As we were about to leave i saw Trisha walking out of the building.I bet that bitch has something to  with this. We drove in silence when she told me to drive to your place."He ends off his voice full of anger.

"Trash!She gets on my nerves i will kick her off to Helios."I say through gritted teeth as i head to the door."Stop.We should ask Vani first.Don't ya think?"He stands in front of me.

"Fine."I sigh as he pulls me up the stairs.


{Elijah's POV}

I sat there awkwardly on the floor.Van was sitting on the bed.Her knees pulled to her chest,her chin resting on her knees.She tried resisting her sob which turned into her coughing roughly.

"Are you okay?"I got up and rubbed her back.

"Yeah."She said.I didn't like seeing her this way.She was the one who helped me to overcome the bullies at middle school.She was someone i admired and looked upto.

"You can tell me what's bothering you.Your secret is safe with me Van."I attempted to lighten the mood.She tried smiling at the nickname i gave her when we were 10,but failed miserably.She nodded but didn't say anything.

It was true though,i have no friends.I am basically the nerd and loner.Sitting alone at lunch and being bullied are everyday things for me.But i have learnt to stand up against the bullies in the past few years.

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