black veil brides ( I only trust jake)

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I am jinxx's younger sister, how did I end up touring with these guys?

I'm not like most girls and crush on Andy, I have a secret crush on Jake but I can't let Jinxx find out.

"Molly!" Dad screamed

I Didn't want to run down stairs i didnt like the sound of hes voice i could tell he was drunk again. I got the courage to pick my feet up and run down stairs.

"Molly!" He screamed and cuffed me by the collar,I could smell the beer thick on he's breath. He looked me dead in the eyes and I was off the ground.

" you've been out with that guy again haven't you?"

I tried to answer him. I tried to tell him no but my voice was long gone and wasn't coming back. Before I could say anything i saw a punch coming my way, he hit me hard as I lay in a ball on the floor I hear dad screaming curse words at me whilst kicking me. I tried to keep my eyes open but i just wasnt strong enought., dads screaming was getter softer, then that was it, my eyes slowly closed

I slowly awoke to the sound of my brother jinxx

"Molly? Molly? Are you awake? Oh please be okay."

I opened my eyes to see jinxx with hurt and anger in his eyes.

"Molly!" He screamed and hugged me

Then I realized I was still laying on the floor of the kitchen, dad was no where in site.

Chapter 2

"Molly?" Jinxx said when I was fully awake

" Molly this is the third time that I have found you after dad has abused you. That's it I'm taking you, your coming to live with me!"

I sorta grinned abit

" what are you smiling at?" jinxx asked me

" your protective of me" I smiled at jinxx

So I grabbed my stuff quietly because I found dad asleep on the stairs. I grabbed a few clothes, flat iron, eyeliner and my phone. As I crept back down I carefully stepped over dad and sighed heavily just as I felt a hand on my ankle pull me down. "Thud" that was my wrist on the ground, dad started screaming at me

" where in the hell do you think your going?"

Luckily jinxx was just around the corner

" let her go!" Jinxx screamed at dad

Jinxx grabbed my other hand and pulled me out of dads reach.

As he ran outside we could still hear dad screaming and cursing at us.

Once we were a good couple of kilometers away jinxx stopped the car.

" Are you hurt?" He asked me

" my wrist" I managed to say

He drove us to the hospital. The nurse examined my wrist when she suddenly gasped and looked at jinxx. The two went out to talk, they came in and jinxx had a shocked/ scared look on his face, then I realized what they were talking about. I looked at my wrist then put my head down in shame. Shit! They've seen my cuts.

" Molly? How did you get these cuts? Now please tell the truth." The nurse said

I became scared and looked at jinxx for help and he just nodded.

" Dad." I said and looked at jinxx

He looked really angry, but also sad. So if I told the nurse the truth I would end up in a mental hospital but if I lied they would still know. I ended up telling the nurse, then she took me in for an X-ray on my wrist and we found out it was broken.