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The sound of an incoming airplane vibrated throughout the summer wind as the plane came to a landing. Passengers from different countries, either tourists or homecoming citizens, emerged from the metal hatch.

Along the crowd of people, I emerged lastly. I wore a sleeveless little black dress and a pair of black stilettos. The upper part of my long chestnut brown hair tied while the the bottom layer are left suspended and bangs framed my face. Shades also used to match my outfit.

I smiled and took off my shades, revealing my set of blood red eyes. A golden-bronze key hanged by a silver chain around my neck glint as I hold on to it. It's been six years since I left Japan and now; I'm finally back home to my hometown...

My name is Yumiko Fujimoto. I'm 16 years old and an incoming freshman. I have porcelain white skin, chestnut brown hair that reach below my waist, blood red eyes and a lean built. My aunt noticed this 'beauty' of mine, even though I won't admit it out loud, and introduced me to an agency. Now, I'm both a student and a teen fashion model overseas. I first started in the entertainment industry when I was 10 and continued for the rest of the years. You see, I was actually born in Japan but when I turned ten, I moved to America and lived there.

I looked around to find my best friend, Yui Komori. She has curly light-blonde hair and a set of beautiful pink eyes. She usually wears girly clothes alongside of her docile personality, quite contrary to my whole being.

We first met each other when I was 6 years old and she was seven. My father was one of the many donators of the church for their charity foundation while her father was the priest in charge there. Both our father's took us with them to the event which led us to meet each other. She was very shy that time but I managed to make her open up. Since then, I always visit the church to meet up with her until six years back before I left for America.

"Yu!" I turned to the voice and spotted a waving blondie with pink eyes. I smiled and ran up to her. She did the same and we both tackled each other into a hug.

She pick me up today since I decided to continue spend my summer here. A lot of things happened when I took some bit of acting roles and decided that I need to cool down a bit and take a break.

"God Yui, I missed you!" I cheered and we both crushed each other into a bone crushing hug.

"I missed you too!" Yui cheered and released me. I also did the same. She ran her fingers along my hair and asked "Why did you dye your hair chestnut?"

"I got a job for a teen magazine and they require a darker tone of hair color so.. voila!" Yui nods in understanding.

We took a cab and are now on our way home. Yui kept asking me a lot of questions about how's school, about me, love life, career etc. Not that I mind, but she's more persistent than the media and annoying reporters and journalists - even though I don't feel even a little bit of annoyed. Despite that, I had fun.

"So.. How long are you planning on staying?" Yui asked. It's a good thing I already wore my current outfit or else Papa, or most likely Mr. Komori, would likely scold me if he caught me on my usual boyish clothes. I always call him Papa since he's just like a second father to me.

"I'm on summer break, so it'll most likely last for two months from now" I smiled and her's faltered. I asked her what's wrong and she told me that Papa just went overseas for a job and told her to live in with some distance relatives of his.

I frowned since she'll be leaving next week right after I came back today. I always wanted for a much more fun and memorable reunion together with my best friend. But unfortunately, I'll be stuck staying at the church. Not that I hate the place, it's just that it'll be boring if I'm alone.


Just as planned, I stayed at the church together in Yui's room. As the day of her departure comes to a close, her everyday slowly falters. But I tried to take off the edge. I made the rest of the days as fun as possible. We went to the Amusement Park after Holy Masses and prayers, went around town during our free times, go shopping, sight seeing and talk about girl's stuffs. 

I made sure to make her remaining days memorable for the two of us. But when the day before her departure came, she cried onto me all night. She doesn't want to leave me but she also can't take me with her since she'll be free-loading to a relative she hadn't even met.

Talk about pride and shame, I didn't even tried to persuade her. So the only thing I know I could do, is to tell her that I'll visit and call her everyday - which I did. I even offered her that I'll come with her and send her there so that I'll know the direction and she agreed. How I didn't know that my life from that time will also change...

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