[Cherry blossom]

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It was officialy spring, spring has finally come to us.

Its been weeks now since i've started hanging with bokuto and his friend.

I still haven't got the hang of learning what his name was.

But none the less it wasn't that important since he didn't talk much.

It was basically just bokuto being the one that holds the group together, but i wasn't complaining.

It was fun watching them practice volleyball. I even got to see sugawara again,

// flash back //


Bokuto screamed in the hallways running towards me, his little friend not long behind him.

"were having a practice match with karasuno!, you should come!"

He happily gleamed with sparkles in his eyes.

I nodded and smiled.

"sure bokuto-kun"

After school, we went to karasuno's school and i watched as the two teams greeted eachother. They had a really pretty manager.

I looked at her and smiled, she nodded and smiled back.

I looked at the karasuno boys and my eyes landed on a particular second year gray haired boy.

It was very obvious that it was my friend sugawara. I gave him a little smile and he did the same.

The game started and fukurodani was 5 points ahead of karasuno.

While it was happening, i had a fun talk with their manager, named kiyoko, she was really pretty.

The game ended with fukurodani winning 2 sets and karasuno with 1.

They were all tired and satisfied, we all headed back to our respective schools.

The practice match was held during the day, so we still had school.

Bokuto was talking non stop, on how he was great and happy during the match.

"y/n! Did you see my spikes!, im amazing aren't i!"

"you sure are bokuto-kun"

After a few minutes of talking we went to our respective classrooms, me and the other male headed to the same the direction.

It was a quiet walk, but i didn't mind. I don't think he did either.

He finally made our way to the classroom and took our seats.

He was really quiet when bokuto was not around, not that he isn't when bokuto was, but still.

Maybe i should be friend him, he looks like we could get along nicely

Considering that we both don't talk that much.

Also he kind of reminds me of suga.

They were both what people considered 'pretty'.

I looked back at my teacher and continued taking down notes.

I was excited for school to end i wanted to spend time at the cherry blossom tree just behind the school.

I had wanted to draw a bit while sitting down on the grass under the tree.

Sooner, lunch came along and i went to the pretty male's desk.

"um, please tell bokuto-kun i won't be eating lunch with you guys for today"

I quietly said to him

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